Top 5 Niches That Could Benefit the Most From Guest Podcasting (and Why)

What is one of the top niches that could benefit the most from guest podcasting and why?

Niche Benefit of Guest Podcasting
The Health and Fitness Industry Guest podcasting helps health and fitness professionals reach a new audience, expand their reach, and build relationships with other professionals.
The Marketing Niche Guest podcasting in the marketing niche allows for educating the audience, drawing them closer to the brand, and effective promotion of the website or blog.
Financial Planning Guest podcasting provides a platform for financial professionals to openly discuss their experiences, share ideas, and offer useful advice on personal finances.
New Technologies Guest podcasting in the realm of new technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence can establish thought leadership, educate the audience about the technology, and promote content through guest appearances.
Software-as-a-Service Businesses Guest podcasting helps SaaS companies by allowing them to explain their complex solutions in detail, leading to better understanding and trust from the target audience. This can result in higher product adoption and a better return on investment for the company.

To help you take advantage of guest podcasting to grow your business, we asked marketing experts and experienced podcasters this question for their best insights. From the health and fitness industry to financial planning to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), there are several top niches that are recommended as those with the greatest potential to benefit from guest podcasting.

Here are five top niches where these leaders experience the most benefit from guest podcasting:

  • The Health and Fitness Industry
  • The Marketing Niche
  • Financial Planning
  • New Technologies Like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence
  • Software-as-a-Service Businesses

The Health and Fitness Industry

There are many different niches that could benefit from guest podcasting, but one of the top ones is the health and fitness industry. Guest podcasting can help health and fitness professionals reach a new audience and expand their reach, while also helping to build relationships with other professionals in the industry.

Aviad Faruz, FARUZO New York

The Marketing Niche

One of the most popular niches for guest blogging is marketing. By hosting a podcast episode featuring a guest who shares their knowledge about marketing-related topics (such as social media promotion), you can help to educate your audience and draw them in closer to your brand. This will likely lead them to want more information from you (and may even convert leads into customers). 

Also, by being interviewed on another person’s podcast, you are providing valuable content that can help them reach more potential readers and clients. In addition, guest blogging can be an effective strategy for promoting your website or blog.

Johannes Larsson,

Financial Planning

Everyone aspires to be able to provide for their basic necessities and establish long-lasting financial systems. Even while it’s crucial to attend a school with a financial major, not everyone can. However, there are still fundamental financial lessons that may be discovered that are more useful. Giving daily useful advice on personal finances may be accomplished by creating a podcast that addresses this subject on a level that the target audience can understand. 

The ability of financial professionals to openly and honestly discuss their financial experiences and share ideas on such a platform may be highly beneficial to podcast listeners. Despite the fact that this particular podcast subject is once again congested, there is still a ton of room for growth.

Sophia Dawodu, Local Electrician

New Technologies Like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Guest podcasting is a fantastic way to create a better brand. The fourth wave of the technology revolution does not have a lot of influencers yet. To become an influencer in this niche, you need to be a thought leader and have something unique to say. Start by selecting a specific technology that is disrupting the way that people do business. This could be any technology like blockchain, the internet of things, artificial intelligence or virtual reality. 

Once you have identified a problem that your chosen technology can help solve, you need to create content that educates your audience about this problem and how your chosen technology can help solve it. This content could be in the form of blog posts, podcasts, videos or even infographics. Whatever format you choose, make sure that your content is high quality and informative. Once you have created some great content, it’s time to start promoting it through guest podcasting.

Shawn Ryan, Techtopia

Software-as-a-Service Businesses

In my opinion, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies that solve specific user needs will benefit the most from guest podcasting due to the often complex solutions they provide to user problems. 

Many people get to grips better with a SaaS product when they hear the owner or product developer explain it in detail, along with use cases and answering questions from the host or pre-determined questions from the podcast audience. This often leads to a better ROI for the SaaS company because firstly, the target audience will better understand how it solves their problem in a detailed manner that might be hard to convey on a website and secondly if the product owner comes across as trustworthy, this too will lead to better take-up of the product.

Alex Nicholas, Digital Cornerstone

Thanks again to our guest contributors for their thoughts on the podcast sector and where it can help different niches/sectors growth.


1. What is guest podcasting?

Guest podcasting is when a person is invited as a guest on someone else’s podcast to share their expertise, insights, or story with the host and audience. It provides an opportunity for guests to reach a new audience and showcase their knowledge in a specific niche or industry. 

2. How can guest podcasting benefit businesses?

Guest podcasting can benefit businesses in several ways. It can increase brand visibility, establish thought leadership, drive website traffic, generate leads, and build relationships with podcast hosts and their audience. It provides a platform to share valuable insights, promote products or services, and connect with a targeted audience. 

3. How can businesses find guest podcasting opportunities?

Businesses can find guest podcasting opportunities by researching podcasts in their industry or niche, reaching out to podcast hosts directly, networking with other professionals in the podcasting community, and using online platforms or directories that connect guests with podcast hosts. It’s important to pitch relevant topics and demonstrate expertise to increase the chances of being invited as a guest. 

4. How should businesses prepare for a guest podcast appearance?

To prepare for a guest podcast appearance, businesses should research the podcast and its audience, understand the host’s style and format, brainstorm talking points or key messages to convey, and practice speaking confidently and concisely. It’s important to be prepared to provide value to the audience and align the discussion with the business’s expertise or offerings.

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