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To help you best attract A-listers as guests to your podcasts, we asked successful podcasters and marketing professionals this question for their best insights. From reaching out to your current network to connecting with the right professionals on LinkedIn, there are several ways to get the attention of A-list guests to appear on your podcast.

Here are 10 ways these leaders attract A-list guests to their podcast:

  • Reach Out to Your Current Network
  • Build Rapport With Them and Arrange for the Right Time
  • Make Your Invitations Trend on Social Media
  • Share Their Content and Celebrate Their Work
  • Make Your Offers Unique and Exciting
  • Create a Well-Prepared Pitch Template
  • Make Sure Your Guest Can See the Value in Your Audience
  • Use Cold Emailing
  • Send Messages Directly on Social Media
  • Connect With the Right Professionals on LinkedIn

Reach Out to Your Current Network

Reaching out to your current network is, in my opinion, a terrific approach to secure your first few interviews if you’re a podcast presenter who is just getting started. Friends, coworkers, and even private mentors make up your current network. Despite having a brand-new podcast, it is simpler to get an interview with a personal friend than it is to approach strangers. The strategies described below will be more effective once you’ve conducted a few interviews and gained some listeners for your podcast.

Nely Mihaylova, Scooter Guide

Build Rapport With Them and Arrange for the Right Time

One way to attract ‘A-list’ guests is to leverage the power of social media. You can follow the people you’d like to interview on social media and reach out to them from there. When you reach out to them, show genuine interest in what they do, and if they respond, let the conversation develop naturally over time. Do not immediately ask for something. Instead, once you’ve built a rapport and the context is very fitting, you can ask them to be a guest on your podcast. You can also post about your podcast to social media. When people see that you’re reaching out to ‘A-list’ guests, they might be interested in being guests themselves.

Matthew Ramirez, Paraphrase Tool

Make Your Invitations Trend on Social Media

Make it so that when potential guests search for your podcast, your invitation is the first thing that comes up. Use hashtags, and make sure to tag potential guests in posts. In addition, post about your upcoming episode on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Make sure to use an eye-catching photo or graphic, and include a link to your podcast in the post. By making your invitation trend on social media, you’ll be more likely to attract ‘A list’ guests to your podcast.

Lorien Strydom, Financer.com

Share Their Content and Celebrate Their Work

Share the A-lister’s blogs, posts, podcasts and more to your own social media, tagging them in the process and celebrating their work. Even if you don’t have many followers, A-listers do and their fans can find you through said shares. You’ll gain more followers in the process, turning your podcast into a hit as well. Next, reach out to the desired guest’s “people” on LinkedIn or other networks. If you do your research you can find them. Since you’ve gained a solid audience, they’ll likely pass on the message to the super star. Don’t discount the power of social media to grow your fanbase and score those high powered guests!

Jeff Goodwin, Orgain

Make Your Offers Unique and Exciting

The best way to attract A-list guests to your podcast is to offer them something unique and exciting. If your podcast is high quality and provides valuable content, guests will be more likely to want to appear on it. Try booking guests well in advance, offering them a dynamic format and a high-quality recording environment. If you can create a desirable podcast, A-list guests will be more likely to want to be a part of it.

Admir Salcinovic, Pricelisto

Create a Well-Prepared Pitch Template

Coming up with a well-prepared pitch template can attract “A-list” guests easier than you think. Pair this up with interesting and relevant podcast content and you have got yourself a winner in the making. First impressions last and letting a guest know that you have given much thought and effort to a pitch template can garner positive responses.

Michelle Siy, Oliver Wicks

Make Sure Your Guest Can See the Value in Your Audience

When trying to attract A-list talent, it’s important to remember to focus on what value you can provide to them. As a small or newer podcast, the volume of listeners will likely not be at the top of the list, but your niche may be. Or perhaps your podcast is about books and your A-lister just self published something. Focusing in on the value will provide a reason for them to pay attention to your request and ultimately make your audience grow.

Nina Ojeda, Entrepreneur

Use Cold Emailing

Cold emailing is a tactic I’ve utilized, when you send an email to someone you don’t directly know. Most people prominently show their email addresses on their websites, but if they don’t, you can still contact them via the website’s contact form. Your message will probably get to either their inbox or the inbox of their personal assistant in any case. 

Start your email by saying you host XYZ Podcast. Introduce your show (its purpose, niche or topic focus, target audience, listener stats, etc.). Sometimes it’s beneficial to highlight previous contacts, especially if the person you’re approaching knows them. After that, congratulate them and explain why they’d be a good fit for your program and your audience. Send an email thanking them for their time and asking if they want more information.

Tiffany Payne, Pharmacy Online

Send Messages Directly on Social Media

I frequently use LinkedIn and Facebook to introduce myself to prospective guests and request their email address so that I can send them more information. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t regularly check their messages on their personal profile or fan page on one of these platforms. 

Twitter is a fantastic tool for connecting with potential visitors, but since you are only allowed 140 characters, your message must be succinct. I’d love to have you as a guest on my show, for example, in a brief message. Can I provide you some details?” should be sufficient to get a response. Send them a more in-depth note after moving the conversation to email.

Jay Soni, Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Connect With the Right Professionals on LinkedIn

One of the best places, in my opinion, to connect with professionals is LinkedIn. As a podcaster, don’t ignore LinkedIn because you can connect with people in practically any industry. Join LinkedIn groups for initiatives, alumni groups, and interests. Additionally, you may utilize LinkedIn to find business leaders who would make excellent podcast guests or individuals who could facilitate your access to them. You can locate authors of articles on subjects that interest your audience and draw them to your event.

Hamza Usmani, BuyWeGovyOnline