Will Podcast Guests Automatically Promote Your Show? Here’s 10 Reasons Why They Won’t.

Will Podcast Guests Automatically Promote Your Show? Here’s 10 Reasons Why They Won’t.

If you want to find out why your podcast guests are not automatically promoting your show, then you are not alone, here are ten reasons why they won’t.

Will podcast guests automatically promote your show, here’s 10 reasons why they won’t.

  • You haven’t shared a link to the show with them.
  • They have other items that are higher priority
  • They already are promoting something else
  • Don’t feel comfortable with self promotion
  • They do not have a sharing routine
  • The quality is not good enough to share
  • The audio quality is poor
  • Editing quality not how you want it
  • The interview was a poor one
  • The guest isn’t aware it wants to be shared!!!

Find out why your guests are not pushing your podcast as much as they could be, so you can take steps to try and combat the issue.

How Do Podcasts Get High Profile Guests?

A podcast host usually seeks out high-profile guests for their show. They offer them incentives for appearing on the show, and also provide backlinks. The same concept applies when it comes to promoting your podcast. You want to be sure that you’re not just trying to promote yourself.

How Much Do Podcast Sponsors Pay?

Sponsors will usually pay for podcasts depending on their quality and how many listeners they attract. It can be quite different.

Why Should I Be A Guest On Podcasts?

You should be a regular guest on a podcast because doing so helps you to get more publicity and it also helps you make the most of your time. Just a forty-minute episode could easily translate into extra sales for your business.

Why aren’t your Guests Promoting your Show?

So many guests don’t promote their shows. It really depends on who the guests are and what kind of show you’re hosting. Some guests don’t want to promote their shows at all. If you want to learn why your guests aren’t sharing your show, then this article will help you to find all of the information you require.

  1. You Didn’t Send them a Link

One of the reasons why guests don’t usually promote your show is because you haven’t sent them a link that you can use. There aren’t many podcast guests who would willingly create assets for social media sites, but if you give people the images and if you direct them to your site they can help you to get more exposure. You can get a lot of exposure this way.

  1. They’re Busy

Another reason why your podcast users may not be sharing your content is simply that they are busy. The episode may fit in with your own release schedule, but at the end of the day, you have to remember that this is your schedule. Guests will not want to wait, and they will not want to clear their own schedule just for your show. They might be having a hard time right now because they’re experiencing a work crisis or they have a sick family member. One way for you to work around this issue would be for you to tag them in any social media posts. You can then ask them to just click share. You don’t want to assume that your show is any more important than anything else they’re doing in their own lives (or anything else).

  1. They’re Running a Promotion Already

Sometimes, your podcast guests may have their own ventures they’re promoting. This could include ventures where they’re already making money. You should try to wait until after the interview has been given its due attention before promoting it. You don’t want to compete with their content, and you want the spotlight. Sometimes you have to wait if you want this.

  1. Discomfort regarding Self-Promotion

If you are interviewing celebrities, then you shouldn’t have a problem. If you are interviewing an average person then they may be a little hesitant to say “here, watch this, look how cool I am.” Even company owners who want to invest in long-term marketing strategies may be somewhat skittish about promoting to their own network. If you’re interviewing an average person, they might be reluctant to say “Here, watch this, look at how cool I am.” Even company owners who want long-term marketing strategies might be somewhat skittish to promote to their own networks. A lot of people don’t push interviews because they’re afraid of rejection. If you are going to interview guests who are just average people, they may not be as naturally inclined to promote the episode.

  1. It’s Not Part of their Routine Content

If your content and its main focus is about podcasting, then you may not want to share a post, or a podcast that talks about your life experiences or your hobbies. After all, there is a high chance that your users just won’t be interested. People won’t share your content for this very reason.

  1. It’s Just Not Good Enough

This can be a tough pill to swallow. It might be that your content just doesn’t measure up. Your podcast may need some work or you may need to improve your podcasting skills. If your guests feel this way, then chances are they don’t want to tell you because it makes them uncomfortable. That being said, finding out the truth is good.

  1. Your Audio Quality Sucks

If your audio quality is poor, then this is another reason why your users may not want to share your content. If you want your podcast to shine, then you have to make sure that your audio quality is on-point because people don’t like to share things if they don’t like the sound of their own voice. For some people, the quality of the audio is the most important thing, so keep this in mind.

  1. You’re Not Editing

Sometimes you may find that you have to clear your throat a lot, or that you take a lot of pauses because you are trying to think of what you want to say. You may also find that you speak in half-sentences. You won’t want to put content out there that sounds like this, so don’t expect your guests to either. They want to sound interesting, and they want to sound like an expert, so do your bit and make sure that you are editing properly.

  1. It Wasn’t a Great Interview

Maybe it just wasn’t a great interview. On the flip side, it probably wasn’t that interesting. Sometimes you don’t have chemistry with your guests and there’s not much you can do about this. There are many variables here, but ultimately, if the interview sucked then you can’t expect people to be keen on sharing it with the world.

  1. They Don’t Realise You Want them to Share it

Lastly, your guest may not realise that you actually want them to share the content. If they are new to podcasting, then they may not have any clue that you want them to put it on their social media channels. Asking them nicely, is the best way for you to work around this while also ensuring that they know what is expected of them after their next appearance.

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