What’s new?

It has been a super busy six months at Podcast Hawk HQ (Well more a virtual lair, we are all remote based out of the UK, Mexico, Poland and Spain) 

We have been doing so much that you don’t see that I thought it would be time to update you all on whats coming and all the exciting new data and filters that will change how you research podcasts.



  • 4m+ Podcasts now available to search with a daily update to capture new shows
  • 100m+ Episodes with daily updates (Coming soon for Search)
  • Number of podcasts with DA backlinks => 100,000 (Increasing daily)
  • Number of Podcasts =>Guest Tag / Gender / Country / Language => 250K (Increasing daily)



New filters have been added that now allow you to search by:

  • Gender of the host
  • Guest interview podcast
  • Language of the podcast
  • Country of origin.
  • Has a WEBSITE (NOT the podcast hosting link ie anchor.fm)
  • Domain RANK Authority

What this means is that you can now highly target podcasts that you are looking for, want to find a Spanish speaking podcast that has a female host? Yes you now can…

Gender – You can search by the gender of the host, add this as a filter to only show podcasts that have a host who is Male/Female.

Guest Tag – The core of appearing on a interview style podcast is being able to identify them quickly without having to look at the podcast and work it out, we have done that for you, now it is a filter.

Language – You asked and we delivered, Spanish speaking podcasts are growing quickly along with other languages, so now there is a filter to allow you to find those podcasts that are recorded in the language you choose.

Country of Origin – Whilst language is key you may want to identify the country, is it Spanish speaking from Mexico or Europe. Now you can use the filter to find these niche shows.

Has a website – This allows you to target and filter the podcasts that have built their own community, outside of their standard podcast hosted site (ie anchor.fm)

Domain Authority – not all podcasts have a large audience when they start or even as they grow, but what they may have is a large target audience who visit their website, which means to you getting on that show and a backlink back to you, becomes super valuable.

power filters


Power Filters


Saved Search – We listened and the most requested feature has been to save the search results not just the filters.

Curated Lists are now possible 

Now when you save a search it saves the filters and the podcasts within that search at that time and the number of podcasts included.

Use Case – You run a search and find 3000 podcasts that look interesting but you want to come back to them later on to find the ones you want to appear on. You are running a agency and have a VA doing the initial search and doing a first pass to find the podcasts that look suitable, they can now save that search/podcasts in the clients area and share that with the next person to narrow down the podcasts that make sense, allowing you to build internal process workflows.

Use Case – Curate a list of podcasts that only have CEOs of large corporates on with a website and is a guest only podcast? Yes you can do that now,,,

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