What are the key benefits a founder of a SaaS company gain from being a guest on podcasts?

What are the key benefits a founder of a SaaS company gain from being a guest on podcasts?

To help SaaS industry professionals understand the benefits of guest podcasting, we asked marketing leaders and SaaS CEOs this question for their best insights. From gaining the trust of prospective audiences to a sticky medium for attention, there are several benefits gained from guest podcasting as a SaaS business founder.
Here are eight key benefits a founder of a SaaS company could gain from being a guest on podcasts:

  • Gain the Trust of Prospective Audiences
  • Display Your Thought Leadership
  • Priceless Opportunity to Humanize the Brand
  • An Entry Point into Different Industry Sectors
  • Improve Your Website’s Backlink Profile
  • Build a Connection With a Wider Audience
  • Gain a Sticky Medium for Attention

Gain the Trust of Prospective Audiences

Gaining the trust of your audience is difficult. It doesn’t matter how gleaming your SaaS website is, people are cynical these days. Your product needs to be promoted in another way in order to generate interest. You can build a strong community with podcasts.
Your past customers want to hear from you again, and your non-customers can benefit from your entertaining or informative content. You will also have people who are not directly potential customers, but who are just part of the industry you belong to. The natural voice of the human being is a powerful communicator. Building a strong community over time will be easier with your podcast’s diverse audience.
Sanket Shah, InVideo

Display Your Thought Leadership

I’ve been a guest on dozens of podcasts. It’s something I’ve been experimenting with for marketing purposes, and I have to say: it works. Not only do you get backlinks, which we love for SEO, but you also get the chance to demonstrate thought leadership and expertise. This reflects back onto your company brand. Thought leadership is a major differentiating factor for your brand. This means it helps businesses that may offer, at face value, similar products and services as their competitors – often the case when it comes to software as a service – to stand out from the crowd.
Matthew Stibbe, Articulate Marketing

Priceless Opportunity to Humanize the Brand

We live in a world where customers are spammed with ads and flashy promotions from big, faceless companies. But the study shows that 92% of consumers rely on recommendations from people they know and trust above all other forms of advertising. This is where the benefits of being a guest as a company SaaS founder show up.
Podcasts are the perfect opportunity to connect with the audience and humanize the brand. It’s a chance to show the human side of the company. People are willing to buy more often from people they know, like, and trust instead of faceless brands. This is a chance to share the story of the company, its core values, and what drives the founder’s vision. It’s a chance to give listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the company. This human connection can be a powerful tool for building customer loyalty and trust. By becoming the company’s human face, founders can create a strong emotional bond with their audience and create a positive image for the company.
Magdalena Socha, Passport Photo Online

An Entry Point into Different Industry Sectors

If your software is highly versatile, appearing on a variety of industry-specific podcasts is an excellent way to reach potential new customers who might not be aware they can use your product.
For the best results, when choosing your podcast (accountancy, SEO, real estate, etc.) prepare industry-specific use cases so that listeners can fully understand the value of your software. Get this right and you will dramatically increase the market size of your product.
John Butterworth, Viddyoze

Improve Your Website’s Backlink Profile

Being a guest on podcasts can have a positive effect on your website’s backlink profile. This is because many podcasts include links to their guests’ websites in their show notes. These links can signal to Google that the SaaS company’s website is an authority on the topic, which will help the site to rank higher for related keyword terms.
Lisa Banks, SaaSpirin

Build a Connection With a Wider Audience

As a founder of a SaaS application, it is important to be a featured guest on podcasts because you are the face of your company. This will help you build credibility and trust with potential customers, as well as establish yourself as an expert in your field. It is important as the founder that you provide the purpose of the software. By sharing the reasons behind why you built it, this will help potential clients understand why they need your product. By showing your potential customer base that you are a real person, with a vision on how you can help them, they will feel a connection with you, your company, and your product offering.
Additionally, as the founder, you are the best person to speak about your product. You know the ins and outs, what it can do, and how it can help people. By being a featured guest on podcasts, you have an opportunity to share this knowledge with a wider audience and attract more potential customers.
Shawn Ryan, Techtopia

Gain a Sticky Medium for Attention

Appearing on a podcast is a lot “stickier” than a typical social media post. Many listeners will be paying closer attention to what you’re saying compared to skimming or multitasking on other digital channels. Also, though your social media post will fall off people’s radars within hours or days, a podcast episode will be downloaded and listened to by new listeners for months—and sometimes even years.
Chris Peters, FMX


What are some key benefits for SaaS founders from guest podcasting?

Benefits include building trust with prospective audiences, displaying thought leadership, humanizing their brand, reaching new sectors, improving SEO, connecting with wider audiences, and gaining a sticky medium for attention.

How can podcasts help SaaS founders gain audience trust?

Podcasts allow founders to build community and make human connections through natural conversation. This helps gain trust that’s harder via commercial promotions.

Why is podcast guesting a good thought leadership opportunity?

Podcast interviews let SaaS founders demonstrate expertise and thought leadership. This boosts differentiation and reflects positively on their brand.

How does podcasting help humanize a SaaS brand?

By sharing insights like their vision and values, founders showcase the human side of their brand on podcasts. This emotional connection builds loyalty and trust.

How can different industry podcasts help SaaS companies?

Appearing on diverse industry podcasts exposes versatile SaaS products to new potential customers unaware of their cross-sector applicability.

Why is podcasting attention “stickier” than social media?

Podcast listeners tend to pay closer attention than social media users. Also, episodes remain relevant and get downloaded for months versus social posts.

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