What are the Benefits of Being a Podcast Guest to Promote my Real Estate Business?

What are the Benefits of Being a Podcast Guest to Promote my Real Estate Business?

What are the benefits that real estate  business and professionals/companies can get from being a podcast  guest as a method to promote their real estate business services?

To help you see the benefits of promoting your real estate business on a podcast, we asked podcast enthusiasts and marketing professionals this question for their best insights. From providing access to micro-influencers to being an easy way to support SEO with backlinks, there are several ways that guest podcasting can help promote your real estate business. 

Here are six benefits that podcast guesting could provide to your real estate service:

  • Provides Access to Micro-Influencers
  • Bolsters Brand Authority
  • A Great Way to Share your Story
  • Builds up your Lead & Referral Funnel
  • Gives You Direct Audience Access to Field Questions
  • Easy Way to Support SEO with Backlinks

Provides Access to Micro-Influencers

One benefit a real estate professional gets from being a guest on a podcast is access to micro-influencers. From one big influencer podcast comes their fans with their own significant followings too, aka micro-influencers. After hearing the podcast, your brand awareness doubles because of the sheer exposure on both kinds of influencer’s wavelengths. This is ideal for real estate because of the access to local exposure.

Phillip Akhzar, Arka

Bolsters Brand Authority

Building a strong and authoritative brand identity is vital in any industry, with real estate certainly being no exception. Appearing on podcasts can be a great way to introduce your business and personal brand to a wider audience, particularly if you do your research and ensure that you’re working with topically relevant podcasts with highly engaged audiences. Podcast appearances can open the door to a number of other media opportunities, ultimately serving to prop up yourself and your business.

Professional relationships can also be built through podcast appearances, with a number of industry heavyweights tuning into popular podcasts each week to listen to market updates and fresh sales strategies. Making a great impression on a podcast could potentially catch the ear of future bosses, partners, clients, or even employees as you inspire the next generation.

Clare Jones, OfficeSpaceAU

A Great Way to Share your Story

Whether you’re trying to attract more clients or build referral partners, relationships are key to success in real estate. And one of the best ways to form strong bonds with others is by connecting with them on a personal level. When you share your story, your thoughts, and your experiences on a podcast, you’re able to build trust and rapport with listeners in a way that’s simply not possible through traditional marketing methods. If you can establish these types of relationships, you’ll be in a much better position to grow your business over time.

Peter Lucas, Relocate to Andorra

Builds up your Lead & Referral Funnel

Podcast guesting is a fantastic way to promote your services because it’s an effective way to get your name out there. As a real estate professional, you may be able to reach new audiences (potential homeowners or sellers) that would otherwise never hear about you. When someone hears one of their favorite podcast hosts talking about their favorite real estate professionals on a podcast, they’ll likely be more inclined to call that person the next time they need help with a real estate transaction. You could even appear on podcasts targeted towards different geographic areas, so you bring in a pool of more qualified leads who are likely to buy or sell from you.

Nick Cotter, Growann

Gives You Direct Audience Access to Field Questions

The one benefit this group of professionals can get from using podcast guesting is being able to address the public’s questions directly. A podcast can be done live, which provides for great interaction, but is also recorded so others can access them later. Answering questions will build relationships between real estate professionals and potential customers and increase the branding of that company or professional. In a sense, it gives people a chance to meet them and get to know them. That will increase the likelihood of remembering them and calling them over someone they just see on billboards or hear in an ad.

Fadi Swaida, Halton Village Dental

Easy Way to Support SEO with Backlinks

One huge benefit to being a guest on podcasts that is overlooked by many is backlinks. As a guest, request that the host link to your real estate website in the show notes and then you will acquire a lot of backlinks from the various platforms that the podcast is on. Many of these platforms publish the link as a dofollow link, meaning it passes on some of the site’s authority to you.

Google Podcasts even publishes with a dofollow link. Getting a backlink from a Google platform is huge! Backlinks are important to increase the authority of your website. The more authoritative your site is, the higher it’s likely to rank for keywords such as “real estate agent” or “realtor” in your area. One podcast guest spot can generate dozens of backlinks which is an outstanding opportunity.

Ann Ferguson, Ferguson Real Estate and Associates

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