Wouldn’t it be great if you could find podcasts that had individuals on that you wanted to contact…

One effective solution is research podcasts to find them.



Cold outreach sucks, but what if you could find more information on the individual you want to talk to? Find them on a podcast, listen to what they talk about and make some notes…you now have touch points.



Has the individual been on multiple podcasts? Do they have a ethos they talk about? Are they more visible on podcasts than any other media? Start to find more information about their planning and comms.



Are they bringing credibility to the area you are attempting to sell around? Are they becoming a domain expert, setup tracking to see how they have grown over time to improve their credibility.



Are they engaging on the podcast? Or are they more reserved and the host is working to get the information needed? Understand more about how they approach this interview and how you will build a strategy to contact and talk to them.



Who else is commenting about them? Are your competition talking about the episode, are they commenting on the episode as a review or on the podcast social channels?