Using our search engine you can find podcasts by keywords, category, language and more. You can then determine are there enough shows being published in your niche that you could appear on.


Build Trust

Appearing on podcasts as a guest sharing your knowledge and wisdom brings you closer to your target audience via your voice, this builds trust with potential clients, more than words in a blog can do.


Targeted Networks

With the right research you can find shows to appear on that have the audience you want to reach, they are highly engaged as have spent the time to listen to the podcast and its subject matter.


Extended Reach

The podcast host will have a network to promote to, this will be across web/social and email lists but also they will have a proven method to gain more attention than your average guest blog.


Evergreen Content

30 minutes of time spent on a interview gives you multiple pieces of content to re use from the audio to transcript and in some cases video, create soundbites, authoritative statements but also re purpose that interview 3/6/9/12 months later.