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Onboarding – 30 Minute Video Guide

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Create your signature

If have the capability enabled in your plan (Promotion / SuperGuest) then you can create multiple email signatures to be used within your campaigns. Go to SETTINGS / SIGNATURES and then hit CREATE NEW – Give your signature a name … Read More

How do I cancel my account?

We are sorry if you want to leave us but totally understand, we have made it easy for you to go ahead and cancel your account/subscription on Podcast Hawk. Step 1: Go to settings on the left hand menu Step … Read More

Changing account details

Update your account details like name, email address, phone number or address, anytime by following these steps: In case you have forgotten your password, click on the change password button and follow the instructions there. Note: Once you verify the updated … Read More

What does Beta mean?

In our beta version, we give you the ability to contact the podcasts you want using our campaign tool, you can also view their social account details where this is available.

What is the currency of your prices?

All charges are in US dollars and are processed through our secure provider STRIPE.

Do you guarantee I will get booked on Podcasts?

Unfortunately not…. Getting booked on podcasts has three steps. 1) Finding the right podcasts. 2) Having something interesting or valuable to share. 3) Sending in a good pitch for a story or interview. We help by saving you hundreds of hours on the … Read More

Can a trial account see all the data?

Yes, your 7-day trial allows you to run as many searches as you like, narrow down the podcasts you want information on. When you are ready you can use your provided contacts to download the information on the shows you … Read More

What are search filters?

Search filters are different parameters you can use to fine-tune the podcast results you get in Podcast Hawk. Some examples are: These are just some examples, the use cases are endless. By using the search capabilities of PodcastHawk you can … Read More