What is the Podcast Score

As you can see on the data exposed here we have a PH score of 65 for this particular show, this is a moving average scoring mechanism and is updated constantly based on multiple key data points that are key … Read More

Are there limits to how many show contacts I can download?

You can export or download the contact details in relation to the number of contacts you use, there are no export limits it is purely based on the plan and contacts you have available in your account.

What are lists?

Lists are your saved searches that you want to run again at a later date to get more podcasts to reach out to.

What are contacts?

Contacts are how you gain access to more information on the hosts of the shows you want to reach out to, this could include contact information, social media information and more. 1 Contact = 1 Podcast show contact information (This … Read More

Which plan did I subscribe to?

Go to SETTINGS / BILLING This will show you the plan and term you are subscribed to, as you can see above Im on the SUPERGUEST plan paying monthly. This will also show you the contacts and features you have … Read More

Review the results of your first search and save them for a later date.

Watch this video.

Podcast Hawk – Your first search

Watch this video.

Which plan is right for me?

Setting up campaign email settings

We will use the example of Google Mail – watch this short video that walks you through the two ways to set up your details using Google Mail. Podcast Hawk | Email Provider (apologies this is rough and ready at … Read More


When you run a search you can save this in your LISTS. Each plan comes with a set amount of saved LISTS, what this means is if you want to go back to a search you made in a day/week/month/year … Read More