Power Filters

New filters that allow you to search by: What this means is that you can now highly target podcasts that you are looking for, want to find a Spanish speaking podcast that has a female host? Yes you now can… … Read More

Where can I find Podcast Hawk’s guest booking toolkit, guest promotion guide, and guest checklist?

We have produced a set of guides to help you as a guest make the most of your guest appearance, check list on what to setup before you go on a show and how to promote your appearance post the … Read More

Does Podcast Hawk offer multiple pricing plans? If so, what are they?

We have a single seat user license which allows one user to use the service with a set amount of credits per month allocated to them, this only allows that user to access podcast hawk. There is also the option … Read More

How does Podcast Hawk aid in generating web traffic from my guest appearances?

Researching podcasts to become a guest and hence asking for payback on that time is key, in terms of generating web traffic from that appearance this is why we include the Domain Authority Rank against podcasts, so you can identify … Read More

How can Podcast Hawk help me save time?

Researching podcasts manually to find the ones you want to appear on or get more details on can take hours, going through online directories such as Apple Podcasts to find the shows, then you need to check are they online … Read More

Terms and Conditions

Find our latest terms and conditions HERE


So in order to access your email through Podcast Hawk one solution is to enable LESS SECURE APPs which is easy in itself, but out of the box Google Workspace does not enable this in all user accounts so you … Read More

SMTP and IMAP both required.

When setting up your email provider settings in order for campaigns to work you must provide the details of SMTP and IMAP, without this you will not be able to send your campaign emails out.

Campaign – If I only setup two templates will you send out blank emails?

When setting up your emails you can choose how many are sent, 1, 2,3 or 4 all you have to do is leave the days that you do not want to send emails BLANK. e.g – Email Two you do … Read More

Google mail setup – Do you have IMAP enabled ?

If you want to use Google Workspace to send out emails via Podcast Hawk then in order to do so you need to be able to send via IMAP*, in order to do this it needs to be enabled in … Read More