Power Filters

New filters that allow you to search by: What this means is that you can now highly target podcasts that you are looking for, want to find a Spanish speaking podcast that has a female host? Yes you now can… … Read More

How does Podcast Hawk aid in generating web traffic from my guest appearances?

Researching podcasts to become a guest and hence asking for payback on that time is key, in terms of generating web traffic from that appearance this is why we include the Domain Authority Rank against podcasts, so you can identify … Read More

How can Podcast Hawk help me save time?

Researching podcasts manually to find the ones you want to appear on or get more details on can take hours, going through online directories such as Apple Podcasts to find the shows, then you need to check are they online … Read More

What is the Podcast Score

As you can see on the data exposed here we have a PH score of 65 for this particular show, this is a moving average scoring mechanism and is updated constantly based on multiple key data points that are key … Read More

Are there limits to how many show contacts I can download?

You can export or download the contact details in relation to the number of contacts you use, there are no export limits it is purely based on the plan and contacts you have available in your account.

What are lists?

Lists are your saved searches that you want to run again at a later date to get more podcasts to reach out to.

Do you guarantee I will get booked on Podcasts?

Unfortunately not…. Getting booked on podcasts has three steps. 1) Finding the right podcasts. 2) Having something interesting or valuable to share. 3) Sending in a good pitch for a story or interview. We help by saving you hundreds of hours on the … Read More

What are search filters?

Search filters are different parameters you can use to fine-tune the podcast results you get in Podcast Hawk. Some examples are: These are just some examples, the use cases are endless. By using the search capabilities of PodcastHawk you can … Read More