March 2022

Search Millions of Podcasts in Seconds

It used to take hours, if not days, to find podcasts to pitch and appear as on a guest.  With Podcasts Hawk custom search filters you can find your ideal podcasts in seconds!

You can search by:

  • Podcast title
  • Podcast description
  • Latest episode date
  • Number of episodes
  • Average review score
  • Podcast score
  • Podcast category
  • Language
  • Total reviews
  • …and more!

Create A Targeted Pitch

With the Podcast Hawk pitch wizard you don’t have to scour the web looking for information on each show so you can easily customize your pitch.  You can see all the information and customize each email and the follow up all in one screen!

You will see the following information on shows*:

  • Show description
  • Listen to episodes
  • Previous episode descriptions
  • Average ratings
  • Show website
  • Youtube links
  • Social media
  • …and more!
*If the show actually has the assets. We obviously can’t show you a website link if the show does not have one. 🙂

Grow your brand

Podcasting is more than just showing up for the interview it allows you to grow your brand and business in ways most people never expect.  

This includes:

  • Reaching your target audience
  • Build your credibility as an expert
  • Fine tune your message
  • Change lives
  • Build backlinks for SEO
  • Social media content
  • Network in your industry
  • …and more!