Ziv Raviv - Kivi Media - Case Study

Ziv Raviv – Kivi Media – Case Study

At a Glance Kivi Media is a super coaching company with multiple online schools and courses on micro niche business activities. It started with the Micro Niche Mastery podcast, which talks about the same subject in 2016. But founder Ziv Raviv quickly realized that what his listeners really wanted was direct business coaching. Since then, […]

Brian L Case Study

Brian Lofrumento – Launch Coalition – Case Study

At a Glance Launch Coalition is a membership-based community of entrepreneurs aiming to leverage their collective resources and experience to help each other find like-minded collaborators and accelerate their businesses’ growth. Founded by Brian Lofrumento, it started as a small, intimate group, but is seeking to grow its subscriber base to create a more valuable […]