Sneak Peak at the new campaign tool.

Sneak peek at the new campaign tool

The development team have been focused for the last quarter on building out our new campaign tool which will reduce the time spent on reaching out to hosts in order to gain a guest spot on a show !!!

So before Podcast Hawk myself and Ray used to research shows online, then attempt to find the host contact details from various sources, and finally then would we send off an email asking could we be on their show having read the description of the last few episodes and found some areas that we could bring insight and knowledge to the show.

If we had no response then we would remember or have a calendar appointment to follow up 3 days and then 7 days later, well you can imagine doing this whilst reaching out to 10 show hosts at a time, it starts to become very time-consuming.

Now you can reduce that time down to less than an hour to reach out to 10,20,50 podcast shows with an automatic follow-up set up for 3,7 and 14 days…

Campaign tool

Also, you can set your signature to different messaging (based on your pricing plan) so if you want to have a different persona or brand for your reach out, you can change your signature.

Oh did I forget to mention this goes through your email provider, so goes from you and back to you…

This is only a sneak peek and we have a set of videos on how to set this up, build your first campaign and follow us on our journey using the new features and saving hours a day!

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