Podcasts the new Channel for News and Publishers

podcasts channel for news and publishers

Do you know that in 2018, people paid an average of $2.31 a week for news online? This number dropped from $3.11 in 2016. This change shows why news groups are looking for new ways to make money. Podcasts have become a great choice. They let people create, share, and earn money from audio shows.

Today, over 950,000 podcasts are active , they offer about 19 million episodes. This growth shows how many people are enjoying podcasts. For news companies, podcasts mean they can tell stories with sound, catch younger listeners, and share news in more ways.

Podcasts bring news in many ways, from quick updates to deep investigations. Because more people listen on their own time, news groups can use podcasts to share stories people want to hear.

Also, news agencies can make money in new ways with podcasts. They can use ads, find sponsors, or have people pay to listen. Tools like podcast data help them see who is listening. This helps them make shows and choices that their fans will like.

To do well with podcasts, news teams need to be found easily. They use SEO and special platforms to make this happen. By using podcasts, news places can talk to more people, make more money, and keep thriving even when it’s tough.

Key Takeaways

  • Podcasts offer news organizations a new channel for creating and distributing on-demand audio content.
  • As on-demand listening habits grow, podcasts provide a way to engage younger audiences.
  • Publishers can explore content monetization strategies through podcast advertising, sponsorships, and paid subscriptions.
  • Podcast analytics enable tracking of listener engagement and audience behavior insights.
  • Prioritizing content discoverability and leveraging SEO are crucial for podcast success.

Rise of Podcasts as News Medium

Rising podcast popularity and audience growth

The rising podcast popularity is really taking off. Podcasts are becoming a big way people get news and info. The love for on-demand audio and the freedom to listen anytime has fueled this rise.

Increasing Popularity and Audience Growth

Podcasts have soared in popularity lately. About a third of folks now listen. And, though slower, news podcasts are also winning over many fans. This means a lot of people find podcasts a great way to stay informed.

Engaging Young Demographics

Podcasts are especially good at reaching young listeners. This is cool because it helps news groups reach out and grow their audience. They’re finding a way to stay in touch with younger, tech-savvy people who may not read news much these days.

Audio Content Consumption Trends

Podcasts are just one part of a big audio trend. People are into audio stories more than ever. To keep up, news folks are making special audio versions of their stories. They’re also creating apps just for audio. This shows how news is adjusting to people wanting to listen more than read.

Benefits for News Organizations

benefits of news podcasts

Podcasts offer many benefits for news organizations. They create new ways to connect with people and reuse content. By joining this trend, news publishers can serve those looking for audio content. This helps them reach new audiences not reached by other means.

Reaching New Audiences

Podcast listenership is growing fast, especially among younger and tech-savvy people. In the US, about 90 million people listen to podcasts monthly. This number has doubled since 2015. This means a new audience reach opportunity for news organizations. Major platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify are also growing strong. For example, Apple hosts almost 19 million episodes from 550,000 shows.

Creating engaging audio can draw in new listeners who might not read the news. This lets media groups attract a broader range of people. It can also help build stronger connections with the audience. This leads to more brand loyalty and growth over time.

Repurposing Existing Content

Converting written content into podcasts is a cost-effective way to start. News organizations can turn their articles or features into something immersive. This breathes new life into what they’ve already created. It also puts it in front of a wider audience.

Turning written content into audio not only stretches the value of what’s already there but also tests what works well with listeners. Newsrooms can see if people like what they hear. This helps them get better at making content that resonates with podcast fans.

More than half of Slate’s total revenue now comes from podcasts, while NPR expects to earn $55 million from podcasting next year, overtaking radio in terms of sponsorship income.

These cases show that diving into podcasts can bring in more money. It can also make news outfits leaders in creating new and shareable content. By being part of this, they can stand out in the digital crowd.

Types of News Podcasts

Explanatory journalism podcasts

News podcasts are really catching on. They come in many styles, suiting lots of people’s tastes. There are short news roundup podcasts and detailed explanatory journalism podcasts to choose from.

News Roundups

News roundup podcasts sum up the top stories briefly. They usually last 6 to 15 minutes, which is perfect for a quick update. Ideal for those who are short on time but want to stay informed.

Deep Dives and Explainers

If you like getting into news stories more deeply, try explanatory journalism podcasts. They really explore the topics. With interviews and expert insights, these podcasts are much longer, often over 20 minutes.

Interviews and Discussions

Interview discussion podcasts are also popular. They feature talks with big names and experts. These discussions cover various current topics from many points of view, making them interesting and informative.

Narrative and Documentary Style

If you enjoy stories presented in an in-depth way, check out narrative documentary podcasts. These podcasts tell one story across several episodes. They draw you in with their storytelling and sound design.

The podcast world keeps growing. It welcomes new ideas and styles to meet lots of listeners’ needs. This variety helps news organizations connect with people in fresh and exciting ways.

Podcasts channel for news and publishers

Podcasts have become a break into news and media for creators. They allow for easy, personalized listening, catering to different audiences. News organizations can make anything from quick updates to deep stories.

This form of audio news lets publishers interact with listeners on their own time. It’s a great way to meet a wide range of people’s needs. Also, podcasts let news groups try new ways to make money, like ads or support from sponsors.

Top 25 News Podcasts include a variety of popular channels such as NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, PBS NewsHour, and The Washington Post, highlighting the medium’s widespread adoption by mainstream media outlets.

Besides making money, podcasts help people find news in a fun, easy way. They also give creators hints on what listeners like. This way, they can make better shows. This makes a big difference in how podcasts are put together and shared.

  1. The podcast Today in Focus has an impressive Apple rating of 4.6/5, with a significant following on Facebook (8.5M) and Twitter (10.9M).
  2. Up First by NPR boasts an Apple rating of 4.6/5 and a notable Twitter following of 53.6K, underscoring the potential for audience engagement through podcasts.

On-demand listening continues to get more popular, making podcasts a smart choice for news and media. They let publishers reach many people in new ways. Plus, podcasts open doors for making money and dreaming up fresh news ideas.

Challenges and Considerations

Podcasts are a great way for news reporters to connect with new people and keep them interested. But, starting a new podcast also has its hurdles. These include finding a place in a packed group of podcasts, making money from them, and spending enough to make them well.

Standing Out in a Crowded Market

News outlets face a big challenge in getting noticed amid the many podcasts available today. The podcast world is growing fast because more and more people are listening. In just 10 months of 2019, almost 12,000 new news podcasts were added globally. This shows a 32% jump in new shows.

Monetization Strategies

Figuring out how to make money from podcasts is key for their success. While ads and sponsors are common ways to earn, news agencies might want to try other methods. These could include charging for memberships or giving special content to paying followers. Slate and NPR, for example, have done quite well with podcasts. Slate gets over half its profits from podcasts. NPR expects to make $55 million from podcasts, more than its radio ads.

Resourcing and Production Costs

Making good podcasts needs a strong team, good equipment, and money for production. These can be roadblocks for newsrooms, especially those low on funds. Yet, it’s vital to invest in making content that hooks listeners.

It’s important for news organizations to deal with these points if they want to make it big in the podcast world.

Best Practices for News Podcasts

The podcast world is growing fast, making it vital for news groups to step up their game. They need to follow podcast production best practices to keep listeners engaged. This means they should focus on hiring podcast experts, considering user context, and prioritizing listener engagement.

Hiring Podcast Professionals

For podcasts to really work, news outlets need to hire experts. These folks really understand podcasting inside and out. They know how to use sound and stories to make great shows. So, by getting the right people, the whole podcast experience gets better.

Considering User Context

News podcasts need to be careful about where and how people listen. Some folks listen on headphones on the bus, others in the car, and some at home on smart speakers. Knowing this, news groups can adjust their shows for better quality and enjoyment.

Prioritizing Listener Engagement

Being successful in podcasts means making your listeners really care. News groups should tell interesting stories and talk about things their fans like. This keeps people coming back for more. If they do this well, they’ll build a big, loyal audience.

Following podcast production best practices helps news organizations do well in the podcast world. They can connect with more people, improve brand loyalty, and try new ways of doing audio news.

Monetization Models

News organizations are now getting into podcasting. It’s key to find ways to make money to keep these projects going. Methods to make money from podcasts include doing podcast advertising monetization, selling paid podcast memberships for special content, and looking for podcast grant funding. This is especially important for nonprofit podcast monetization.

Advertising and Sponsorships

A popular way for podcasts to make money is through ads and sponsorships. This method fits well with how news publishers already make money. They can add audio ads to their podcast episodes. Ads in podcasts can be at the beginning, middle, or end of an episode. They can also include sponsored parts or content from brands.

News groups can work with ad networks or directly with sponsors. These sponsors want to connect with podcast listeners. Podcasts attract a dedicated audience that advertisers love to reach.

Paid Memberships and Exclusive Content

Another way for podcasts to make money is by offering paid podcast memberships with extra content. This lets fans support their favorite podcasts. They get more from their listening experience, like no ads, insider content, or Q&As with the hosts.

Publishers can use platforms like Patreon or make their own membership systems. They offer different perks depending on the subscription level. This not only makes money regularly but strengthens the bond with fans.

Grants and Nonprofit Funding

Nonprofits or podcasts focused on public good can get podcast grant funding. This money can come from foundations, organizations, or individual donors. They help fund podcasts that share their goals or address important topics.

Getting podcast grant funding lets nonprofits make better podcasts, try new storytelling, and find more listeners. This way of making money supports independent news and highlights diverse voices in the podcasting world.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Looking at successful news podcasting stories like those from The New York Times, NPR, and Vox, we can learn a lot. They show us the power of investing in podcasts. Each of these organizations has seen different levels of success.

The Daily from The New York Times is very popular. It gets millions of downloads every episode. They put journalism first and have a strong brand that people trust. With a dedicated team and top-quality content, The Daily is a leading example of news podcasting success.

NPR, a leader in public radio, is also doing well in podcasts. Their shows, like Planet Money and Up First, bring in lots of listeners. NPR aims to make $55 million from podcasting in just a few years, beating their radio ads income. They focus on creating interesting stories and using their big audience to grow even more.

Vox, the company behind explanatory journalism, has found its place with podcasts such as Today, Explained and The Weeds. By making complex topics simple and story-based, Vox has become a favorite in the news podcast world.

These case studies and success stories point to key success factors in news podcasting:

  • Prioritizing quality journalism and storytelling over money, at least at first.
  • Using their well-known brands and audiences to their advantage.
  • Putting together special podcast teams and resources just for podcasts.
  • Trying different styles and topics to see what works best.

News groups are looking more into podcasting. They’re learning from these successful examples. This helps them know what to do, what works, and what doesn’t.

Future of News Podcasting

The world of audio is changing fast thanks to podcast technology advancements. To keep up with these changes, news organizations must be smart. They need to grab hold of the emerging podcast trends. The future of news podcasts is promising. Soon, we’ll see more immersive audio experiences and better ways to use voice tech. There will also be smoother podcast platform integration.

Emerging Trends and Technologies

Interactive and immersive audio experiences are becoming big. They can change how we tell and listen to news stories. With binaural recordings and spatial audio, you’ll better feel like you’re in the story.

Voice tech and AI are also making podcasting more efficient. News groups can now easily make better audio stories. They can also recommend content that fits what you like to listen to.

Integration with Other Platforms

Our habits in consuming news are changing. Soon, news podcasts will blend well with sites and apps. This blending will make it easier for people to find and listen to news podcasts with the usual news content.

Smart speakers and voice assistants are also leading us into the future. They offer a new way for people to tune in to news podcasts. You can listen without touching a button, making it more convenient.

The future of news podcasting is bright. It’s about using new tech well and fitting podcasts into our digital plans. Keeping up with the newest trends and tech will help us keep our listeners hooked with amazing news stories.


Podcasts are now a promising way for news groups and publishers to use on-demand audio. They let you reach more people, especially those who are younger. Plus, they offer new chances to make money.

About 90 million Americans listen to podcasts every month. This number has doubled since 2015. So, it’s clear that podcasts are a great way to connect and grow an audience.

But, there are hurdles like getting noticed in a busy market and figuring out how to make money. Yet, by following what works for others and thinking smart, news groups can do well with podcasts. For example, NPR plans to make $55 million from podcasts next year, and Slate gets over half its income from them.

Looking forward, keeping up with new tech trends and how to fit in will be key. This way, you can make the most of the podcast boom. Analytics and being easy to find are very important. So, working on those can help news organizations engage more, making their shows more popular and loved by their audience.

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