Link Building as A Podcast Guest – Why It’s the New SEO Trick.

Link Building as A Podcast Guest – Why It’s the New SEO Trick.

Hosting a podcast, or even being a guest on someone else’s podcast is a very effective way for you to try and earn great links. If you want to try and learn how you could use podcasting to your advantage by link building as a podcast guest, why this is new SEO trick.

How do I Podcast?

Running a podcast is as simple as getting a microphone, interviewing a guest and then uploading it to YouTube. It’s that simple and you would be surprised at what an efficient process it can be when you begin investing properly.

How do I Build Links through Podcasting?

If you want to link build through podcasting, then you need to try and get featured on other people’s channels if possible. You then need to ask them to post a link back to your site, under your guest profile.

Does Podcasting help SEO?

Yes, podcasting is great for SEO as it is one of the top ways for you to build quality links.

Why Podcasting is So Great for SEO

Podcasts have gone from being rather obscure to one of the fastest-growing forms of marketing. The power of podcasting is not just limited to you trying to reach out to whoever is listening though. If you leverage them properly then podcasts can have a very powerful impact when it comes to organic search.

First of all, podcasts are great as they drive people to try and seek out a company name or even the name of a person. This kind of branded search can easily send positive signals to Google, and this can influence the search suggestions. It can also help you to improve rankings in general. A lot of podcasts are also available outside certain aggregators, including Stitcher and iTunes. These types of links often lead in numerous directions. The website that is hosting your podcast will link to the guest website from that post. The guest will then link to the episode on their own website. In other words, having a podcast as well as being a guest on one can help you to earn and build great links. These links will help you to get a lot of valuable traffic too.

Hosting a Podcast

Hosting your very own podcast is a fantastic way for you to get your name out there, not to mention that it helps you to build a very loyal audience. It is a very good way for you to try and develop meaningful relationships with the people who work in your industry as well. If you have the technical details sorted out for your podcast, then you need to try and create something that people will want to listen to. This means doing your bit to share any meaningful information as opposed to just going on about how great your service or your product is. It could be wise for you to adopt a monologue format here or an interview format. The choice is ultimately yours, but interviewing others is usually the best way for you to generate a lot of links. It’s also way easier.

From there, it’s really about reaching out to the people you would like to interview. People who have something useful to say are always good options for your podcast. In a lot of cases, when you do choose to interview someone, they will link to the podcast as soon as it goes live, and they will not need any kind of prompt. If you want to avoid uncertainty, then you can easily ask them to do so. A good time for you to do this would be for you to ask them right after the interview as they will be on an emotional high. Sure, they won’t be able to do it until the podcast goes live but at least you will have set the seed, and this makes it more likely that they’ll do it when the time comes.

Guesting on Other People’s Podcasts

Being a guest on someone else’s podcast is also a fantastic way for you to try and create some publicity for yourself. You may also find that it is a very good way for you to earn links too. A lot of hosts will link to your site from the episode post. A lot of podcasters who like to follow the interview format tend to look out for guests that are knowledgeable or interesting. This means that if you do have some kind of skillset or if you have unique knowledge, then it should be easy for you to get a place on a podcast. You should keep in mind that the most popular podcasts normally receive a huge number of emails from people asking to interview them, and a lot of them are ignored because all they are trying to do is self-serve. The trick here is for you to try and pitch in from the general perspective of the audience, as opposed to your own interests. You have to figure out what your audience cares about and you also need to send a pitch that ultimately explains the story and why you are going to appeal to them. While you are at it, try and skip the fake compliments and even the fluff about how you came across the podcast. Everyone knows that compliments are usually given to try and get on a podcast and the owner probably won’t be that concerned with how you found them.

If you want to change things up and stand out, keep your pitch nice and short and keep it to the point as well. Don’t waste your time by constantly following up either.  If you know that they are interested, then you have the assurance of knowing that they will reply. The only thing that you gain from harassing them is the assurance that they are not going to give you the interview you are looking for. If you are aggressive in your approach, then you never know, they may end up telling others and this can really hurt your chances of appearing on the podcast in general.

If you have a large audience from social media or if you have a column at a publication, then it may be helpful to try and mention it but do not go overboard. By adopting a calm and collected approach, you will gain more interview slots, and this is the best way for you to get the publicity and the links that you are ultimately looking for.

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