Join us in attending a FREE 2-day summit from SPI, *Audience Driven.*

Audience Driven

Join us in attending a FREE 2-day summit from SPI on Oct 12-13th

At Podcast Hawk we are on a mission to help as many people as possible to get booked on their perfect podcast, thats why we have partnered with SPI media (Smart Passive Income) to bring their new FREE summit Audience Driven to you.

Why attend Audience Driven

Every business has an audience. The most resilient businesses aren’t just focused on sales, but on audience building.

We believe you build an audience by serving that audience. The best way to identify products and services that will earn an income for your business is to listen to the needs of your audience…to be audience-driven. We’re here to show you how that’s done.

The Audience Driven Summit is a two-day deep-dive into the most effective and most relevant ways to approach building an audience – today – in 2021.

We believe that when you build your business with your audience’s support and active participation, you build deeper relationships and create something much greater.

What will I learn?

How to build profitable businesses, diversify your revenue by building things that matter, and best practices using technology and cutting-edge platforms.

OK so who is going to teach me this ? 

  • Neil Patel – Rockstar
  • Ali Abdaal – Doctor and rockstar !!!
  • Anne-Laure Le Cunff – Major Rockstar

Plus a whole lot more over two days…

The Audience Driven Summit is free to attend. As a participant, you will have the ability to help us shape the event as we go–because we’re building this together.

Coming to you October 12th-13th

Register NOW!

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