Is Guest Podcasting the New Guest Blogging?

Is Guest Podcasting the New Guest Blogging?

It could well be. If you want to find out more about is guest podcasting the new guest blogging.

Do Podcasts Feature Guests?

Yes, podcasts often feature guests. Most of the time a podcast is a collaboration between a host, and a guest, with questions asked to cover a specific topic, but we are often asked how to promote a podcast.

How is Guest Podcasting different to Guest Blogging?

It’s different because the content is usually in an audio format, as opposed to a written format.

How do You Get on a Podcast?

You can get on a podcast by simply contacting a podcast host and by requesting a place on their show.

The Benefits of Guest Podcasting

There are many benefits to guest podcasting. If you want to find out more then simply take a look below.


One of the many benefits of guest podcasting is the fact that you can get a backlink. Nearly every single time you appear as a guest on a podcast, they will link to your own website in the notes of the show. This is essentially a free backlink, so you need to keep this in mind if you can. Quality backlinks that come from relevant sites can really help your site to rank higher in the search results.

Warm Introductions

When you have a podcast, you will be able to give a warm introduction to an already captive audience. If you have a guest blog then you probably have no idea if someone is reading what you are posting. If you have a guest spot on the other hand then you know that the podcaster will have regular listeners who will be paying attention to what you have to say.

Social Proof

Appearing as a podcast guest is great because you can take advantage of social proof. There is a certain level of trust that comes from being a podcast guest, and this can really work in your favour.

Quality Content

When you appear on a podcast, you will have audio and even a video form of content. Podcasters will usually spend a lot of time putting their episodes together and they will also spend a long time trying to reach their guests. The final output is very good, and you may even find that you have great content that can easily be used to promote your business in the future.

Being a Guest is Free

A lot of guest blog pitches often say “we will have your guest post if you pay X amount”. There is nothing wrong with this, but at the end of the day, that is how the business works. A lot of people who write guest posts, do so because it gives them the chance to get a backlink from their site. Publishers know this, and they know they can share their link juice with you, for a price. Not many podcasters will ask you for a sponsorship fee though, meaning that it is a very affordable way for you to grow your brand. You would be surprised at how much money you can make by simply appearing as well, because of the money you generate through sheer exposure.

Less Competition

Not many guest podcasters are competing for guest spots. When you look at guest bloggers on the other hand, you will see that there is continual competition, so you have to make sure that you are doing what you can to invest in podcasting before it gets to the point where it is just overrun. Guest podcasting is new right now and even though podcasting has been around for quite some time, guest podcasting hasn’t.

You Don’t Need to Invest much Effort

When you do outreach to various podcasts yourself, you may find that this takes up a lot of time. The podcast recording doesn’t take up much time at all though. You can easily capitalise on the benefits without having to spend hours crafting a blog post or writing a 2000 word article. Ideally, the podcast that you appear on will talk about the same topic that you are experienced in. When you appear as a guest on a podcast, you should only be talking about the stuff that you are passionate about. This could well be the kind of material that will bore your family or your friends. That being said, it could be incredibly interesting to your target audience or the person’s podcast you are appearing on. That’s the great thing about podcasting, the fact that you can easily appear, talk about what you love, close your laptop and wake up to a handful of new, passionate customers. Guest blogging takes a lot longer, it’s slower to get results and you don’t even know if you’re reaching out to the right people. This can be both frustrating, and a waste of time. With podcasting, listeners make it to the end of an episode, so you can really capitalise on their attention, as they will be listening to your every word.

Guest podcasting is the future, and if you start to capitalise now, the results will speak for themselves.

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