I’m a Lawyer, How Could Being a Guest on Podcasts Help My Career

I’m a Lawyer, How Could Being a Guest on Podcasts Help My Career

I’m a Lawyer, How Could Being a Guest on Podcasts Help My Career, is a great question.

To help you discover how being a podcast guest could benefit you as a lawyer, we asked legal professionals, podcasters and content marketing professionals this question for their best insights. From increasing your credibility and topic-authority to being a content gateway, there are several benefits that would work to the professional advantage of lawyers when they appear as guests on podcasts.

Here are eight ways these leaders benefit from being guests on podcasts:

  • Increase Your Credibility and Topic-Authority
  • Build Reputation and Provide Unique Insight
  • Establish Your Brand
  • Extend Your Thought Leadership to Specific Audiences
  • Get More Publicity
  • Deepen Interprofessional Relations
  • Go Where the Clients Are
  • Be a Content Gateway

Increase Your Credibility and Topic-Authority

One of the key advantages of appearing as a podcast guest is the opportunity to showcase your legal firm’s experience in a particular area of practice, which is essential for establishing credibility and topic authority. If a podcast is aimed at new clients, they must hear content that persuades them of your abilities. One of the most important reasons that podcast guests may be a highly effective content marketing strategy for law firms is that the audience has come seeking for something specific. They chose your podcast based on the name and description, but it’s also possible that they Googled your company and the attorney who hosts it. Once they’re convinced of your credentials and experience, they must understand the significance of what you’re saying and why it’s vital.

Frederic Linfjärd, Planday

Build Reputation and Provide Unique Insight

The internet is full of drama. YouTube alone faces one issue or the other daily, and these topics are heavily discussed and scrutinized. As a guest lawyer on a podcast, you present the audience with the rare occasion to tackle certain problems from a completely new perspective. If you’re charismatic and know how to explain the complicated world of legal matters, you’ll build a good reputation in no time.

Natalia Brzezinska, PhotoAiD

Establish Your Brand

Establishing a brand is essential for any business, and that includes lawyers. A big part of establishing a brand is being seen and heard by potential clients, and being a podcast guest is an excellent way to do that. By appearing as a guest on popular podcasts, you can reach a wide audience and position yourself as an expert in your field. In addition, appearing as a guest on podcasts can help build trust with potential clients. When people hear you speak, they get a sense of who you are and what you stand for. As a result, appearing as a guest on podcasts can be an extremely beneficial marketing tool for lawyers.

Lorien Strydom, Financer.com

Extend Your Thought Leadership to Specific Audiences

Potential clients are more likely to visit your website for more information when you appear as a guest on podcasts. Taking part in a show is a great way to use other people’s audiences to expand your thought leadership by sharing expert advice on specific legal matters with thousands of targeted listeners—some of whom may need legal counsel. And as podcasters typically include your contact information in the show notes, people with urgent legal issues are more likely to contact you even after the show has finished airing.

Maria Shriver, MOSH

Get More Publicity

I believe that being a podcast guest as a lawyer or as anything else could benefit you.
People nowadays listen to different podcasts, maybe more than they listen to new music. Sometimes we are listening to a podcast, and we feel that it’s real, and you had some similar situation, so you have the opportunity to listen from an outsider. Other times, you can listen to different things and be curious about them. 

A lawyer can benefit from being a podcast guest because he will share his point of view about different situations, it could help you to know more about the subject, and it will give him free publicity. If you are a podcast guest as a lawyer you have the perfect opportunity to do a good job, and in the future people will look for you and for your services. 

Stanislav Baciu, BuzzLogic

Deepen Interprofessional Relations

Yes, podcasting can benefit a lawyer. Law firms want to expand, and the easiest way is to engage with other professionals and increase networks. Inviting other professionals in a counsel to counsel establishes ways to help each other. Law firms can also use podcasts to share guidance and resources to clients and the public. You can also be a guest as a legal expert giving guidance on issues such as guidance management, while expanding your networks.

yongming Song, Imgkits- Photo Editor

Go Where the Clients Are

I represent a variety of clients across the country, from public officials to Wall Street executives to medical professionals. Our law firm, based out of Dallas with clients and offices nationwide, deals in white-collar cases. There are podcasts galore in which past, present and future clients subscribe to. Podcasting is obviously a wide space, but you can find and obtain demographics data on some of the most popular podcasts in whatever niche you can think of. Get that data. Get heard on those podcasts.

Nick Oberheiden, Oberheiden

Be a Content Gateway

Using several communication channels, such as becoming a podcast guest, helps to develop gateways to more content that extends and enriches the listener’s experience with your firm. Being a podcast guest also helps your credibility. Lawyers can direct the audience to relevant information on your firm’s website, a free legal handbook, social media channels, and so on. This broadens your exposure and reach, communicates essential messages and calls to action, and aids in the development of issue authority.

Tiffany Payne, iFlooded Restoration

Frequently Asked Questions

How can being a podcast guest increase a lawyer’s credibility?

Showcasing legal experience and abilities on relevant podcasts establishes credibility and topic authority with potential clients.

How can lawyers build reputation through podcasts?

By providing unique legal perspectives and explaining complex topics clearly and charismatically, lawyers can build reputation with podcast listeners.

How do podcast appearances help establish a lawyer’s brand?

Being seen and heard on popular podcasts allows lawyers to reach a wide audience and position themselves as experts, establishing their brand.

How can podcasts extend a lawyer’s thought leadership?

Sharing expert legal advice on niche podcasts allows lawyers to demonstrate thought leadership to targeted potential clients.

What publicity benefits do lawyers get from podcasts?

Podcast appearances give lawyers free publicity to a wide audience. This can attract future clients who need legal services.

How can podcasts help lawyers network?

Podcasts allow lawyers to engage with other professionals, increasing referral networks and opportunities.

Why should lawyers go where potential clients are?

Getting heard on niche podcasts with relevant demographics connects lawyers to potential clients tuned into those shows.

How are podcasts a content gateway for lawyers?

Podcasts allow lawyers to direct audience to other helpful content, broadening reach and establishing authority.

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