How to pick the right podcast for you to guest on

You want to promote your business, share your story, or provide advice. You could write a guest column for the local newspaper. You might consider writing a blog post or hosting a meetup. Each of these can be great ways to be heard — but none of them compare to the hottest way to reach wide audiences of people around the world, podcasts.

Guesting on podcasts instantly puts you in front of an audience that wants to hear what you have to say. It also offers a wide range of less obvious benefits, like boosting your website’s ranking on Google and establishing you as an authority in your profession, hobby, or another field that you wish to speak to. 

But it all starts with getting on the right podcast. In this article, we break down how to pick the right podcasts to guest on, and how to present yourself once you’ve secured an interview.

Why do I want to be interviewed on podcasts?

Guesting on a podcast offers a wide range of benefits. There are the obvious perks — being recognized for what you do and sharing your story with people might benefit from the knowledge being at the forefront.

And of course, there is immense value in sharing your expertise. It helps to establish you as an authority or influencer in your field. When people hear you on a podcast, they’re likely to absorb what you say and many may actually reach out for advice or clarification — I guested on a show a few years ago and received several emails afterward from listeners both asking questions and sharing their reactions to my story (the podcast was about winter travel as opposed to summer travel, which people apparently have very strong opinions about!)

Podcast guesting can also be a great way to promote your business, project, or whatever else you have to put out there that needs attention, Often, hosts will ask you specific questions that draw from your professional experience and it’s your company’s time to shine!

But there are several perks to podcast guesting that are more “under the cuff.” First, there’s the SEO benefit, You’ll be credited as a guest in the show notes, adding a positive link to your own personal brand when someone types your name or business into Google.

And you’ll also receive a backlink. Be sure to request that the host links to your business, portfolio, or other website in the show notes, and you’ll benefit from the SEO boost of an added backlink. The higher authority the podcast, the higher authority the backlink!

Ok, I’m sold. So, how do I know which podcasts I should guest on?

While any podcast can ask you questions and provide a backlink, you’ll get the most benefit out of shows that tie into your specific “niche.” For example, if you run a music instruction business, guesting on a music podcast puts you in front of other musicians and fans, and can generate some business that way.

However, you’ll also gain from guesting on tutoring podcasts, where the host and listeners are likely to be instructors, tutors, and people who aspire to be as such. How you run your business could offer immense value to someone running a math tutoring business, and vice versa, as you might be in different industries but you share at least that niche of tutoring.

This also is great for your SEO, as the backlink expands your reach in the eyes of Google. And, it could lead to further interview requests from others who heard you on that show, but who wouldn’t have known about you otherwise.

Think high authority

The more popular the podcast, the better that backlink is for your website, and the more people you’ll reach. Of course, high authority podcasts are the toughest to get onto, but the good news is that only one or two spots on top shows can do wonders for your brand.

Think of this as a funnel. You start at the bottom with several interviews on newer or less-established podcasts. Then, once you have your formula down for pitching podcasts and interviewing, you start to reach out to the best podcasts in your field, whatever field that is, and slowly work your way up the ladder.

Consider lifestyle podcasts

Your number one goal of podcast guesting may be to promote your business, but there’s no need to single out work-specific podcasts. There are a ton of podcasts out there, and odds are that many appeal to you and your lifestyle.

If you’re an expatriate, consider reaching out to expat lifestyle blogs, where you can talk up your experience and have a conversation about life in a foreign country. The host is still likely to link to your website or touch on what you do for a living.

Dive super deep — if you’re a diehard fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, search for baseball (or better yet, Cardinals-specific) podcasts. Develop a unique opinion or idea that relates to the team, and pitch that to the podcasts. As a diehard fan, you’re an expert — and likely can add a fresh perspective to even that very specific topic.

And, go even deeper. Why not also reach out to podcasts about visiting St. Louis, the St. Louis real estate market, and/or other topics relating to the city?

Whatever it is that you’re into in your personal life, odds are there are many other people interested in the same thing around the world. There’s no better way to reach them, and have your voice heard in that community than to guest on podcasts. 

Same, same, but different

Every podcast is unique. But your preparation for each doesn’t have to be. Most will provide a bit of upfront information, often in the form of a “show brief,” about what the host plans to drill you on and what you need to have prepared.

In general, prep is pretty easy — but the most important thing is to represent yourself. Let your personality show through your answers, because that’s why you’re there. As you book on many different shows, you will develop some boilerplate answers that you repeat on every podcast, even if they change slightly each time. Nobody knows your story like you do — and podcast guesting is the change to tell it!

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