How to Find Podcast Host Contact Information.

Podcast Outreach – How to Find Podcast Contact Information

Did you know the podcast advertising market will hit $3.46 billion by this year’s end1? With 70% of Americans tuning in weekly, podcast guest spots have never been more searched after1. They help boost marketing and credibility. The trick is the right way to reach out to podcast hosts.

To get on podcasts, you need to be proactive. First, make a list of shows that match your brand. You can find hosts’ contact details on their social media or websites. Sending them a direct message is important. But, there are also sites that help connect podcast guests with hosts.

Your pitch to podcasters must be sharp. Keep it short, give context, and show your value. Be ready to address their concerns. Show how you can be flexible and offer real benefits. This can really help you land those podcast interviews.

Key Takeaways

  • The podcast advertising market is growing fast and will top $3.46 billion this year1.
  • With 70% of Americans as regular listeners, there’s a big audience out there1.
  • Make a wish list of shows and find how to contact hosts on social media or their websites to get your message out there.
  • Prepare a strong, clear pitch that explains what you can bring to the show.
  • Address any concerns hosts might have by being open to different ideas and showing you know your stuff. This boosts your chances of getting invited on podcasts.

Introduction to Podcast Outreach

podcast pitching tips

Learning the basics of podcast outreach is key for engaging with hosts. It involves finding the right podcasts, connecting well with hosts, and showing your worth as a guest.

We start by looking for podcasts that fit our audience and knowledge. To do this, we use tools like Postaga’s Podcast Outreach feature. It locates podcasts in our area of interest and gets their contact details2.

Talking to hosts isn’t just about a plain email. It’s important to make your email stand out with a strong, personal touch. Explain how your skills can help the podcast and its listeners. Services like Influencers.Club can help by giving you access to a huge network of creators, over 50,000 of which are podcasters1.

You must show why you’d be great for the podcast. Good communication, detailed research, and sharing how your ideas can improve the podcast are crucial.

Remember, good outreach isn’t finished after the first email. Tools like Postaga keep our efforts ongoing and effective. They can send many emails and have high success rates, keeping our connections strong1.

We also use smart methods to find contact details from social media and other places. This trick helps target our efforts better and makes reaching out smoother2.

Lastly, the goal isn’t just to get on a podcast once. It’s about making lasting relationships that could lead to more opportunities. This strategy helps us grow and have a bigger impact in the podcast world.

Key Platforms for Discovering Podcast Hosts

finding podcast host emails

Finding podcast host emails is crucial for good outreach. Specialized platforms are key to making this process easier. They help connect with the right hosts faster.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts is a go-to for podcast outreach. It shows podcasts like the ones you already enjoy. With 150 million episodes available, you have a large host pool to explore1.

Listen Notes

Listen Notes is great for uncovering host emails. It lets you look up podcasts in specific categories. This makes finding the right hosts and adjusting your approach simpler. Their categories make finding hosts a breeze.


Podchaser is great for direct host contact. A platform account opens the door to new podcasts and host contacts. It’s a friendly site perfect for anyone serious about reaching out to podcast hosts.


Rephonic is your go-to for host discovery. It offers detailed analytics and contacts, perfect for podcast outreach. This tool makes finding and contacting potential guests much easier.

Podcast Hawk

Podcast Hawk is essential for finding host emails. It has a vast directory of hosts and their contact info. If you want to appear more on podcasts, this tool is incredibly handy.

Effective Email Strategies for Contacting Podcast Hosts

podcast pitching tips

Emails are key to getting podcast interviews. We’ll look at what makes a message to a podcast host work well.

Crafting a Precise Subject Line

A good subject line stands out in a busy inbox. It must be short and to the point, yet catch the host’s eye.

Establishing Context

Begin by setting the stage. Showing you know about the podcast proves you’re serious. Pointing out relevant episodes or topics strengthens your connection.

The Pitch

Your pitch should clearly show why you’re unique. Share your skills and any past experience to back it up. This builds your credibility and links your story to the podcast’s mission. Always focus on being clear and on-topic for the best podcast pitch.

Handling Objections

It’s smart to deal with possible concerns up front. Hosts might worry about timing or topic fit. Be ready to adjust and show how working together benefits everyone. Understanding the host’s viewpoint boosts your pitch.

Using these tips can make getting podcast interviews easier. There are many podcasts and lots of listeners, making a guest spot a big chance3.

Using Podcast Directories to Save Time and Money

Podcast directories save time and money for all of us. They have over 3 million podcasts listed, with many new ones joining every day. This high number means finding contact information without a directory would be tough and might cost more.

The Podcast Host Directory is a perfect example. It lets us get in touch with podcast hosts quickly. We can reach out to highly-rated shows or smaller ones with less searching. Plus, it avoids the need to hire expensive PR firms for this job.

Directories make our podcast search much easier by putting everything in one place. They help us find shows that match what we want to share with the world. This saves a lot of time and makes our approach smarter in a busy podcasting scene4.

PR mailing lists are a big help in our work. They share host contact info for those looking for new guests5. Thanks to these lists, we can put more effort into how we reach out. It allows us to prepare well and get straight to the point with each podcast we contact.

Leveraging Two Sided Marketplaces

Two-sided marketplaces have changed how we connect with podcasts. They include sites like PodMatch,, and Podchaser Connect. These sites use technology to match podcasters with guests. They make it easier to find the right people to work with.


PodMatch is easy to use. It lets users make detailed profiles. These profiles help match them with the best podcast hosts. This leads to better connections and collaborations. is focused on guest directories. Its feature matches guests with shows based on their expertise. This makes finding podcast opportunities easier, especially for educational and brand promotion purposes6.

Podchaser Connect

Podchaser Connect stands out with its detailed host profiles. It also shares host contact information, making the process transparent. This helps guests choose the right podcasts to appear on. The platform covers various industries, offering many podcasting opportunities7.

Using these marketplaces improves how we find and connect with podcasts. It streamlines the process and leads to better connections. For anyone in the podcast world, these tools are essential76.

Networking Within Podcasting Communities

Joining podcasting communities helps you connect with hosts and land guest spots. Reddit and Facebook groups are great for sharing podcast pitching tips and making contacts. By adding to discussions, you show your expertise and catch hosts’ eyes.

LinkedIn is also a key player, with pros like Erica Schneider, who has 20,000 followers5. Engage with their content to better reach out to podcasters. This can raise your profile and create chances for podcast appearances.

Social media is crucial for getting podcast interviews. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok are full of possible guests in various topics8. Being active there can really help connect you with hosts, showing how far our outreach can go.

Attending theme-related events is another way to meet ripe guests5. Networking at these gatherings helps link up with podcast hosts. This method works well with online and social network efforts.

Don’t forget podcast-dedicated spaces like Discord. These platforms are swarming with hosts sharing tips, and sometimes, guest opportunities5. They offer a smooth way to find and approach hosts, making our strategy more complete.

Marketing Yourself as a Podcast Guest

Being a popular podcast guest is all about using the right tools. This means being smart with your social media, creating great content, and even using ads. These things help you shine bright in the podcasting world.

Social Media Profiles

It’s key to keep your social media profiles updated. Let people know you’re ready for podcast guest spots. Use platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to find and connect with podcast hosts. Share what you know and where you’ve appeared before to catch their eye.

Content Marketing

Creating top-notch content is also a winning move. Make blog posts, videos, or other content that shows off your knowledge. This helps podcast hosts see you as a great guest. Having your own blog or using sites like Medium can act as a showcase for your work.

Digital Ads

Using digital ads can make you stand out too. Ads on Facebook or Google can reach hosts who might not yet be looking for guests. Use tools to see how well your ads are doing and tweak your approach if needed.

Recent studies tell us that over half of podcast listeners buy things they hear about on podcasts1. Tools like Listen Notes and Podcast Wolf are great for finding podcasts in your niche9. A mix of good marketing and these tools can boost your chances of getting on more podcasts.


Getting on podcasts is key for anyone wanting to boost their presence and expertise by appearing as a guest. The podcast advertising market will grow to $3.46 billion this year. There have been over 150 million episodes so far1. To get podcast interviews, start by writing exciting emails. Many marketers think a great subject line is the most important. Also, it’s best to follow up within two to four days10.

Use tools like Apple Podcasts, Listen Notes, and Podcast Hawk to find and reach out to podcast hosts. This helps you book podcasts without spending a lot of money. Being active on Reddit and Facebook can also get you guest invites. This is because you show you’re helpful, and people might want you on their shows. \

Sharing about yourself on social media, through content, and ads can help a lot. It makes it easier for podcasters to find you. Many Americans tune in to podcasts every week, showing how many potential listeners there are1.

The podcasting field will be worth $2.4 billion more by the end of 20241. It’s important to keep changing and improving how we connect with podcast hosts. With more and more people listening to podcasts in the US, having a good way to share your message is critical10. Let’s keep working on our methods to get the best out of this fast-growing area. We can find many chances to reach our goals through podcasting.


How can I find podcast host contact information?

Finding a podcast host’s contact info involves reaching out directly or through third-party services. Look on the podcast’s site or social media for their details.

What are some effective podcast outreach strategies?

To get noticed, make a list of podcasts you like. Create a short and interesting pitch. Try using Podchaser or Listen Notes to help you reach more hosts easier.

How do I establish context in an email pitch to a podcast host?

Show you know their podcast by mentioning specific episodes. Explain why you’d be a great guest. This shows you’ve put thought into your pitch.

What are some key platforms for discovering podcast hosts?

iTunes, Listen Notes, Podchaser, Rephonic, and Podcast Hawk are great for finding hosts. They make searching easier and provide host contact info.

What makes a good email subject line when contacting podcasters?

Your subject line should be short and interesting. It should hint at your pitch and why you’d be a great guest.

How can I handle objections in my podcast pitch?

Counter objections with a show of flexibility and the value you bring. Make a case for how your knowledge fits with their show. Explain how you can engage their listeners.

What are the benefits of using podcast directories?

Directories make finding hosts quicker and cheaper. They gather contact details in one place, saving you time. This way, you can reach many hosts efficiently.

How can two-sided marketplaces assist in podcast outreach?

Platforms like PodMatch and PodcastGuests use tech to match podcasters with guests. These sites make finding the right podcast to be on simpler and more personal.

What role do podcasting communities play in finding podcast hosts?

Joining communities on Reddit and Facebook can help you network. Being active in these groups shows you’re serious and can lead to invites to join podcasts.

How can I market myself effectively to be a desirable podcast guest?

To stand out, keep your socials up-to-date with your efforts. Also, create top-notch work. Show your expertise with online ads to draw in podcasters.

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