How Podcasters Can Get Their Interview Guests to Help Promote the Episode

How Podcasters Can Get Their Interview Guests to Help Promote the Episode

If you are a podcaster then you have to make sure that you are striving to try and promote your episode as much as possible. Promoting your episode will help you to build a solid audience and it will also help to bring some new listeners to the table. This article will help you to try and encourage guests from every level to do their bit for your promotion, so you can get the best result out of your upload.

How do you Get People to Interview for a Podcast?

Getting people to interview for a podcast is very easy to do. You just need to make sure that you are doing what you can to promote your channel and that you give your guest an invite. If you can do this then you will soon find that you can get more features.

How do I Increase my Audience for Podcasts?

If you want to increase your audience for podcasts then you need to try and advertise your podcast as much as possible. You also need to make sure that you are promoting it through the right channels and that you share your podcasts on social media.

How do Podcasts Increase Listeners?

Podcasts are a very good way for you to increase listeners. They help you to keep your audience engaged and they are also a very good way to promote your products or services.

How to Promote an Episode

You should know that guests for your podcast are invaluable. They will share their expertise with you and  this will make your brand very credible in terms of your show. The problem is that most of them will not share your episode when it comes out. This is frustrating if you are a host because it means that you are not able to rocket your viewership as much as you would like. A good rule of thumb would be for you to assume that a guest is never going to share an episode for you. Your responsibility as a host is to try and market your show. If your guest shares it for you then this is the cherry on top, but beyond that, you should not expect anything.


When it comes to social programming, it’s important to know that what goes around, will eventually come around. Gratitude is the biggest tool you have when it comes to your podcasting journey. You’d be surprised at how much an old-fashioned letter can make a difference to your share rate. You may even find that you end up making a new friend for life, when you send them a handwritten “thank you” note.

Politely Ask

It is also very possible for you to ask your guests politely, to see if they would be willing to share the podcast episode. A discreet way for you to do this would be for you to create an agreement, that says they need to share the podcast at least once with their network if they agree to be on your show. Podcasters chose to adopt this strategy after they had to deal with a lot of PM companies who would always send guests, but they would not share the end result.

Sharable Assets

When you choose to book the interview, it is wise for you to ask them if they require any assets or even any audio clips when it comes to episode promotion. You can give them a thumbnail of the YouTube episode if you want,  or you can provide them with some images. Either way, if you can do this then you will soon find that you can give your guests the chance to market the episode however they deem fit.


An Exceptional Interview

Interviewing guests can be very difficult if you do not have any kind of game plan. If you want to draw out the best interview response then you need to do your research. Listen to some of the past interviews and also try and find out possible talking points. Read through the social media account of the guest as well. If you do this then you will soon find that you find some great information on there. If you can incorporate this into the interview then they will be much more likely to share it with their audience.

Be Tactful on Social Media

It is so important that you use this tactic with care. It may be that you have prepared for the interview, given a genuine level of appreciation and even shared with them some digital assets. That being said, you have to make sure that you are in a good position to tag them in social media posts. This will help you to get your post out there and it will also help you to capitalise on all of your hard work, in terms of the interview.

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