How do I promote my podcast interview to generate leads? Part One

How do I promote my podcast interview to generate leads?

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Podcast interviews are becoming very common these days. They provide a great opportunity for podcasters who want to build their audience. And they also give listeners an insight into the lives of other people in their community but how how do I promote my podcast interview to generate leads?

You should always promote your podcast interview as much as possible. This helps increase the chances of being featured in podcasts. If you don’t promote your podcast interview, then you won’t get enough exposure.

Over the last few years podcasts have become an integral part of our daily life, not just for educational purposes, comedy to take us out of the doom and gloom but as a way to get yourself heard across the globe.

We are going to learn more about:

  • Why Podcasts for lead generation?
  • The size of the podcast market globally.
  • Does Podcasting have a future?

Growth of Podcasts

We are still seeing growth of podcasts now and will continue to do so, with the rise in platforms to host your podcast on and the tools needed to create them becoming easier to access then more creators, businesses and people with a voice are starting on the journey to create their own shows…but also they are being used to extend out a brand, or a new revenue stream for others.How do I promote my podcast interview as a guest?

Podcast interviews are becoming a great way to share information and build relationships with influencers. If you want to get featured on podcasts, you’ll need to prepare properly.

Podcasting what else?

However, what if we tell you that podcasting isn’t the only way to create this kind of digital content?

If you were going to appear on a radio show or television program, you need to market yourself before you go on, but also post the event as well, so you need to look at podcasts in the same way, guests that are successful who are not well known do this by promoting their appearances not only to their network or the hosts network but out to the niche they are focused on.

A guest appearance on a show is an excellent way to connect with your audience, share your message, promote your products or services, demonstrate your knowledge and grow your brand.

There’s literally a podcast for every topic out there. Podcast Hawk says that over 2m podcasts with over 30 million episodes are currently online. You can easily search for ones that match your targeted audience and get yourself on an upcoming show really quickly, rather than producing your own show and having to record and edit ten shows before you even start.

If you’re looking for more information on promoting your podcast interviews and maximizing future opportunities, check out this article from Podcast Hawk. And remember, podcasting is not the only way to create digital content. Here’s a list of alternatives if you’re interested in exploring other options. 

To learn more about promoting your podcasts as guests and how to maximise future opportunities, read on.

Why Podcasts?

Everyone seems to be interested in podcasts as a marketing channel but do people listen to them and where are they, who are they and is it a worthwhile medium.

Thanks to updated data from Buzzsprout, 62% of the US population 12+ has listened to a podcast, and roughly 79% are familiar with the medium. The most popular age group for podcast consumption is 35-54, with 43% of them being monthly listeners, while 38% of those ages 12+ in the US are monthly podcast listeners.

The most popular podcast apps in the world are Apple Podcast and Spotify, which are growing year on year and are the mainstream platforms that most users are aware of. There is also a movement from other platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Reels to encourage sharing of content.

Finally, about 80% of listeners usually listen to the entire show. Or at least most episodes. Now, we’ll take a look at some further statistics and learn more regarding the future of podcasts and see what else is coming up in the world of podcasts.

Podcasts Are The Most Popular Background Entertainment

Thanks to Buzzsprout data, we know that  49% of people listen to podcasts at home, 22% of them do it while driving, 11% at work, and 8% while exercising. These statistics further prove that podcasting is the most popular form of background entertainment.

13 Americans listen to podcasts on a desktop or laptop
28 U.S. adults listen to podcasts while driving.
49 podcast listening happens at home.
73 listen to podcasts on their smartphone their cell phone.

People love podcasts because they can pick and choose their favorite topics, download their preferred and most-valuable episodes, and control their listening pace (about 19% of podcast listeners speed up their shows).

Podcasts also enable listeners to consume bite-sized data on their favorite apps while doing something else. This means that podcasts provide a sense of flexibility that people like, which is why they’ve become so popular in recent years!

Podcasting Provides Unique Options For Creators, Guests, And Consumers

Both social media and streaming platforms have decentralized media. And the podcast format is a clear result of this decentralization.

Statistics say that the most popular podcasting categories include society and culture, comedy, health, business, news, and politics.

But as the audience and number of podcasts that are broadcast are ever increasing new categories appear and niches that have a large following, so this means that the category you want to appear in may not be at the top now but could be in the future, the best thing about podcasts is this, they are created across a wide range of sub categories, niches and languages that the audience is vast.

It enables content creators who specialize in a particular topic to reach out to people interested in that topic from the comfort of their homes or personal studios.

Guests can benefit from podcasts because you can easily through products like Podcast Hawk find ones that have a similar target audience to gain recognition and market products, services, or even upcoming podcasts, shows, books, masterminds, house etc.

Is there a Future for Podcasts?

How do I promote my podcast interview to generate leads

The large global brands that we all recognise such as Spotify, and Apple want a slice of the creator market and all are competing with each other, Spotify has been investing in marketing itself as a podcasting platform, adding video content and acquiring companies, whilst YouTube has its own dedicated podcasting team and Twitter Spaces is pushing audio aggressively.

Spotify launched a paid subscription platform for podcasters through Anchor meaning that content creators can maximize their profits and produce “subscriber-only” content, but also opening up podcasting through their free offering to a wider audience to get started.

Although podcasters will get 100% of subscriber profits until December 2022, from 2023 onwards, the platform will start charging a 5% fee for the service, this has two effects in terms of bringing new podcasts to market with the intention of generating revenue but also this leaves a lot of podcasts that have started but don’t get beyond 10 episodes.

Apple also has launched a new Podcasts app. Through Apple Services Performance Partner Programme, content creators can earn money when people purchase subscriptions via affiliate links that they share with their podcast listeners and followers.

YouTube is also becoming an appealing podcasting platform with them pushing shorts and podcasting together, aiming to get podcasters to share short snippets from the episodes, either with video or graphics whilst driving more users to listen to podcasts on their platform not Spotify etc.

More and more business-savvy content creators repurpose their podcast episodes by uploading a video version on their YouTube channels, with clear call to actions, links in the description that enrich the content but also enables it to reach a new audience through great use of hashtags.

The future of podcasts is looking like a channel you can’t miss out on from a marketing perspective, you need to gain attention across multiple channels and this is one that has a low barrier to entry as a guest and it’s a growing segment.

If you’re a passionate content creator, you need to appear on as many podcasts as possible, then if you decide that this medium works for you then create your own show, but use guest podcasting as a way to learn how to do this, how to gain attention and awareness without the full investment a podcast requires.

Read the next post to learn more on how to promote your podcast interview to generate leads.

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