How do I promote my podcast interview to generate leads? Part Two

How do I promote my podcast interview to generate leads?

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As with all marketing, planning and delivering through a strategy that has been thought out will deliver far better results than throw it against the wall and see what sticks.

By following these steps you can build your own strategy that fits with your content marketing plans to promote your episode out be

You should promote your podcast interview as a guest before and after it happens, and think of it as evergreen content, you can repurpose it much longer after it has been published than a guest blog post.

That way, your interview will become one of the evergreen episodes of the podcast that both old and new listeners of the show can enjoy!

Pre-Launch Checklist

On average podcast hosts will give you a release date of the episode you are appearing on, newer hosts with less shows under their belts may record and release the next week where as shows that have a mature process could release the episode a month or two afterwards, but in any case you need to be prepared.

Two Weeks to go.

Prepare a checklist of all the platforms you have a presence on and can publish your show episode, if you have an email list or newsletter then prepare a campaign ready to go out to that audience.

Plan how you can maximize the audience reach and build up momentum, simple things like adding a link to your email signature can build awareness, but do upfront work as much as possible to set up promotion.

Ask the host if they provide branded graphics, logos or shareable content, this could be images, video snippets or all the social messaging to share, this will save you time but also means that you have messaging planned and ready to go.

One Week to go.

Let’s make some noise, start to build up momentum for your episode by stating you have appeared and it will be live shortly, get this message out across your social platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok etc) monitor any feedback or comments, also look at the best time to publish, if you use social publishing tools then this normally gives you this as a statistic.


With the pre work from the week before start to prepare posts that contain snippets or teasers from your interview and use these as headlines for your posts, include the title of the show, if you have any photos or video screenshots use these as headline images and make sure you have branding locked and loaded, if the host has provided branded content then this will be quicker and easier, if not then unless you are a designer you can get this done quickly and low cost on services such as Fiver or Upwork.

The Host

A key element to make sure you do not miss is to tag the host, the podcast itself and make sure you ask them for the social identities and places they would like to be tagged, also a top tip is to ask them for the hashtags that they use and get the best traction on, they have done the research and have the data to see which has gained the most audience.

Final top tip, schedule a post per day this week, do not go crazy and put out multiple posts per day as this will saturate the audience, you need to build up interest before the release.

Post Launch – Heading to the moon.

With any promotion, you need to keep the momentum moving forward. The most successful book launches are based on keeping people aware that the book is for sale after it has launched, and keep that moving.

Setup a schedule of promotion across all your platforms the same as the lead up, not daily but intermittent to keep your audience aware but also to request they promote out your episode but also remind them why…What value are they getting from the interview, what soundbites can they share out from what you have discussed.

Don’t just promote your podcast interview right when it goes live, post launch you can step back and think about how to get more people to listen, share your interview and get more listeners for the host, who will be looking at the show data.

We have landed.

Guest podcasts can be repurposed long after they have been published, long form blog content can have a long life span, podcasts even longer…

What you say now as long as it remains relevant and gives the listener knowledge can remain as evergreen content for not just months but years afterwards, you can even use that content if something is being discussed in the future that you can anchor back to your thinking within the podcast itself, this is PR at its finest, link your content to news that is relevant then and you will gain more credibility for forecasting trends, stating you were talking about this X time period ago, the concept is to keep your content relevant no matter what the time frame is.

So, when thinking about the idea for your interview together with the hosts of the podcast, think about something that’s always relevant, or a broad subject area that can be revisited in the future even so you can appear on the show again.

Here’s a short checklist of evergreen topics to help you get started:

  • Launching a book
  • How to save money
  • Lessons learnt from growing a business.
  • Who was the most influential people in your career
  • Best nomadic travel destinations and why.

If you record an episode that is only relevant for a short period of time, such as news, movie review, statistics, etc., then it will become obsolete over a long period.

Read the next post to learn more on how to promote your podcast interview to generate leads.


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