Global Podcast Listeners in 2024: Projected Growth

global podcast listeners in 2024

Get ready, podcast fans! The latest YouGov Global Profiles data shows something amazing. Around 40% of people worldwide say they spend more than an hour each week listening to podcasts. This number includes 10% who listen for over 10 hours.

This shows how fast the podcasting audience is growing. It’s changing the global audio streaming trends a lot.

Looking closer at who’s listening and how much they listen tells a lot. We expect the podcast industry to keep growing. This could make the podcast market size 2024 bigger than ever.

Key Takeaways

  • 40% of global consumers listen to podcasts for more than an hour per week in 2024.
  • 10% of listeners tune in for over 10 hours per week, showcasing the medium’s captivating appeal.
  • The data highlights the significant global reach and consumption of podcasts across diverse markets worldwide.
  • Podcasting audience growth is projected to continue, driven by evolving global audio streaming trends.
  • The podcast market size in 2024 is expected to surpass previous estimates, fueled by favorable industry projections.

Global Podcast Listener Statistics

global podcast listener demographics

The world’s podcast audience is always growing. A recent YouGov study shows listeners all over the globe. They have different tastes and reasons for tuning in.

Podcast Listenership Across Regions

YouGov examined podcast listener demographics in 47 areas. It found big differences in how many people listen to podcasts. These differences show varied cultural interests and tech usage worldwide.

Asia-Pacific Markets Leading the Way

In the Asia-Pacific region, more people are tuning into podcasts every day. Places like Indonesia, Thailand, and more have more listeners than average. This shows podcasts are becoming very popular in parts of Asia. Still, Japan’s podcast listeners are fewer, showing differences within the region.

Europe’s Mixed Podcast Landscape

In Europe, podcast fan numbers vary. Countries like Romania have more listeners than most. Spain and Sweden are average, while others have fewer listeners. For example, Great Britain’s podcast fans are below the global average. This shows a mix of podcast interest across Europe.

Latin America’s Emerging Podcast Audience

Latin America is seeing a big podcast audience rise. Many in Mexico are regular listeners. Brazilians and Colombians also enjoy podcasts. Yet, in Argentina, fewer people listen regularly. This shows that podcasts are quickly gaining fans in Latin America but are not equally popular everywhere.

Middle East and Africa: Flourishing Podcast Markets

podcast listener demographics

The Middle East and Africa are becoming key players in podcast listener demographics. This is making them a top market for global podcast listeners in 2024. In South Africa, an impressive 68% of people regularly listen to podcasts. For Saudi Arabia, this number is 59%.

Egypt, the UAE, and Morocco are also showing strong growth in podcast fans. Their numbers are higher than global averages. In fact, Lebanon has the lowest number in the region, but it’s still at 31% for regular listeners.

Looking at the podcast listener demographics in the Middle East and Africa is exciting. This region looks set to influence global podcast listeners in 2024. The data shows a big chance for more listeners and demands that content makers meet the needs of this growing audience.

North America’s Podcast Consumption Trends

podcast listener demographics

In North America, podcast listener demographics are quite interesting. Americans helped start podcasting, but now only 39% listen often. On the other hand, Canadians are getting into podcasts more slowly. Only 31% listen for over an hour each week.

This difference in podcast consumption data shows not everyone in the U.S. listens a lot. It also shows Canada is catching up gradually. With more people around the world starting to listen, it’s key to look closely at podcast listener demographics in North America. This is important for those making podcasts and the places they’re shared.

The contrasting podcast consumption data between the United States and Canada underscores the diverse podcast listener demographics within North America, a region that played a pivotal role in the medium’s inception.

  • American podcast statistics in 2024 show that 39% listen.
  • Canada is slower, with just 31% listening over an hour each week.
  • It’s crucial to understand the different podcast listener demographics in North America. This helps in making the right content and plans.

Factors Influencing Podcast Listenership

In 2024, the podcast world is influenced by many things. These include the listener’s age, where they live, and their way of life. All these factors show us what people around the world like to listen to.

Age and Demographic Breakdown

The age of the listener matters a lot. For example, in the UK, half of young adults between 18 and 24 years of age listen to podcasts often. This is more than those aged 25 to 34. The survey also found that people of Mixed or Black ethnicities tend to listen to podcasts more, over 60%.

Location and Lifestyle Factors

Podcast choices can also be linked to where people live. For instance, in areas with more than 10,000 people, 34% are regular podcast listeners. But, in the countryside, this number drops to 20%.

Having kids under 18 impacts podcast listening too, with 30% saying they tune in. Yet, only 21% of individuals with disabilities listen, except for those with eyesight issues, where this number rises to 26%.

These findings show that podcast listening is complex. It is influenced by many factors. These factors shape the predictions for global podcast growth in 2024 and beyond.

Reasons for Declining Podcast Engagement

While the podcast listener demographics show growth, podcast consumption data indicate a decline in some areas. A survey by Ofcom highlights why this might be. It found that people were too busy with other things and couldn’t find shows they liked.

The top factors cited were other activities getting in the way and not finding the kinds of podcasts they want.

Creating interesting and varied content is key to keeping podcast listeners interested. Also, good marketing helps people find shows that match their taste.

  • To keep listeners, it’s important to deal with problems that lead to less interest.
  • Podcasters need to find ways to make their shows more attractive to their audiences.
  • Using industry projections and data can help make content and marketing better.

By working on these issues, the podcast world can keep their listeners longer and build a stronger fan base. This will help the industry continue to grow and thrive.

Podcast Discovery Channels

In the world of podcast consumption data, how people find new shows is changing fast. Different groups of listeners look for podcasts in unique ways. Their age and interests lead them to various platforms.

Social Media’s Rising Influence

Ofcom’s 2024 data shows social media as the top spot for finding podcasts. It beats getting recommendations from friends. This change is especially big for young people. They heavily rely on social media and friends’ tips to find new podcasts.

Social platforms have become a breeding ground for podcasting audience growth, with influencers, creators, and fans alike sharing their favorite shows and driving discoverability.

Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

Despite social media’s growth, podcast consumption data reveals the power of word-of-mouth. It’s still very important for people discovering new podcasts. Ofcom’s survey showed that word-of-mouth and social media beat out other ways of finding podcasts.

It shows how friends and trusted sources play a big role in podcasts. Social media and word-of-mouth will keep having a big impact in the future. They could greatly influence podcast industry projections for years to come.

Projected Growth and Market Maturity

Podcasts had a big year in 2024, thanks to events like the U.S. election and the Summer Olympics, according to PQ Media’s analysis. The international podcast audience grew quickly. But, the growth for all media slowed in 2023, almost stopping at 0.3%, for reasons like high inflation and less spending.

Projected Growth Rates

The podcast industry projections show growth will continue. But in 2024, it seems the growth of podcasting audience growth might slow in some places. Reasons include economic worries and people spending less, especially affecting podcast market size 2024 and global audio streaming trends.

Saturation and Maturity of Markets

According to PQ Media’s data, the U.S. and other big markets are almost full when it comes to digital stuff and media use. This fullness makes it harder for podcasting audience growth to keep up. Plus, during recessions, more people might listen to podcasts as a cheap form of entertainment. This bounce in listeners could affect the podcast industry projections and podcast market size 2024.

While the global podcast statistics 2024 say we’ll see more growth, some places might slow down because of market maturity and money worries. This situation calls for new and creative plans to keep the podcasting audience growth steady.

Listening Habits and Podcast Consumption

The number of global podcast listeners in 2024 is on the rise. This makes it more important to understand who’s listening and the data on how they listen. The 2024 Podcast Survey by Ofcom looks at these trends, showing how podcast habits change worldwide.

Number of Podcasts and Series Followed

In the UK, it was found that in 2024, regular listeners followed an average of 6.1 podcast series. This was a small drop from the year before when that number was 6.4. What’s more, 12% of those regular listeners didn’t follow any series at all. This shows the tough job of keeping listeners interested in the world of global audio streaming trends.

Popular Podcast Genres

This survey looked into what types of podcasts are most liked by weekly listeners. It offered key data on podcast listener demographics and their changing tastes. In 2024, Entertainment podcasts became the favorite, bumping Comedy out of the top spot. News and Current Affairs came in second, and Comedy became the third favorite.

The genres of Politics and Football gained more listeners compared to the year before. This shows how audience interests and current events are shaping the global audio streaming trends.

Podcast Platforms and Apps

The world of podcasts is changing fast. Listeners have many options for finding and enjoying podcasts. With more people tuning in, apps and services are trying to stand out. They do this by offering special features and a lot of different shows to listen to.

Spotify’s Dominance

Spotify is the top choice for many podcast fans. In 2024, 46% of people say they listen on Spotify, whether it’s the free or paid version. This means Spotify is more popular than BBC Sounds and YouTube for podcasts. It’s leading the way in the world of online audio.

YouTube’s Growing Presence

Even though Spotify is ahead, YouTube is getting more popular for podcasts. Now, 42% of podcast fans use it. And 21% say YouTube is the app they use most for podcasts. This is a big jump from the 15% it had last year.

BBC Sounds and Other Platforms

BBC Sounds has a special place for those who love BBC shows, coming in at a close third with 43% usage. Other platforms also play a big role. Amazon Music and Google Podcasts stand at 18% each, with Audible at 9%. Surprisingly, Apple Podcasts went down a bit, from 14% to 11%, for the most used podcast app.

This variety in podcast platforms shows how much people love podcasts. Their choices and habits will change these platforms. This push for better, more customized podcast listening experiences will keep the podcast world growing.

Factors in Choosing Podcast Platforms

In 2024, more people worldwide are listening to podcasts. It’s key to know what podcast listeners look for in a platform. Understanding this can help podcasters and platforms meet their audience’s needs better.

When it comes to choosing a podcast platform, the variety of content available is crucial. Listeners are drawn to platforms with a wide selection of podcasts in their favorite genres. Ones that offer many podcasts and recommend them hold listeners’ interest.

The platform’s ease of use is also important. Listeners prefer platforms that are easy to navigate. This includes features like simple searching, and recommendations based on what they’ve listened to before. These make the listening experience better.

Moreover, each listener has their own digital setup. They like platforms that work well with their smart speakers, phones, or car systems. This ensures listening is seamless, wherever they are.

Convenience, content variety, and personalization are key factors that shape podcast listener preferences when selecting platforms to access and consume podcasts.

Podcast platforms should consider these points to keep their listeners engaged. Knowing what listeners want helps them improve. And podcasters can use this to make their content more widely accessible to the right audience.

  • Content variety
  • User experience and interface
  • Integration with existing digital ecosystems
  • Personalized recommendations


In 2024, the global podcast industry will keep growing. People around the world are listening to more podcasts. This trend is happening in many different areas and with different people.

Big names like Spotify and YouTube are becoming more important in global audio streaming. They are making it easier for podcast audiences to grow. On the other hand, social media and word-of-mouth recommendations are still vital for finding new podcasts.

To keep their listeners interested in 2024, podcasters need to know what people like. They should understand what kinds of podcasts are popular and how people listen. Using podcast statistics and industry projections can help them offer what people want. This way, the podcast market size will grow, and their success will continue.


What is the projected growth for global podcast listeners in 2024?

By 2024, about 40% of people worldwide are expected to listen to podcasts for more than an hour each week. A significant 10% listen for over 10 hours weekly. This data shows the broad appeal and use of podcasts across the globe.

Which regions are leading in podcast listenership?

In the Asia-Pacific, countries like Indonesia and Thailand lead, with over half their populations tuning in. Elsewhere, Mexico and Brazil in Latin America also show strong interest. Not to be outdone, South Africa and Saudi Arabia are standout listening markets in the Middle East and Africa.

How does age and demographics impact podcast listenership?

Young people worldwide, especially in the UK, are embracing podcasts more than ever. Those from ethnic minority backgrounds, particularly of Mixed or Black ethnicity, listen more than the average. This indicates a shift in podcast popularity.

What factors contribute to declining podcast engagement?

Some people stop listening to podcasts due to other hobbies and trouble finding their favorite type. This shows the need for podcasts to offer interesting content and good promotion to keep listeners.

How do people discover new podcasts?

According to Ofcom’s latest data, social media is the primary way people find new podcasts now. But young listeners still heavily rely on friends’ recommendations to uncover fresh shows.

Are there any concerns about market saturation in podcast listenership?

Analysis by PQ Media predicts that in places like the U.S., where digital media is widespread, there might be limits to how fast podcasts can grow. However, periods of economic downturn can sometimes spike podcast usage.

What are the most popular podcast genres among listeners?

In the UK as of 2024, Entertainment podcasts were the most popular, pushing Comedy to second place. News & Current Affairs, Politics, and Football also ranked high among listeners.

Which platforms are popular for podcast listening?

Spotify has taken the lead, beating competitors like BBC Sounds and YouTube. YouTube is gaining ground though, showing more listeners are using the video platform for podcasts.

What factors influence listeners’ choices when selecting a podcast platform?

Listeners consider various factors when picking a platform. While these criteria haven’t changed much, understanding them helps podcasters improve their services. This ensures a better experience for the audience.

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