Find those hard to find podcasts using our powerful search.


All the information you need to determine "Is this a podcast I want to be on."

You get full access to all the podcasts in our system. Pick your own search criteria and find the podcasts that are the perfect fit for you to appear on as a guest.


Automated campaigns

Easily able to set up personalized outreach emails to every podcast host in your campaign so you can get a higher open and response rate. We even include some templates to get you started. This not only includes the initial email but also up to 3 follow-up emails.



Once the campaign and emails are set up, we check and verify the contact details before sending out personalized individual emails every few minutes to everybody in your campaign. This makes sure more of your emails go through and get read by the podcasters.

Save Searches

Save your searches

That’s all there is to it. Once everything is setup Podcast Hawk runs itself. Sending out a batch of emails everyday and will in the future add podcasts that match your criteria to your campaign as they get released.