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In 2019, The Infinite Dial report showed something amazing. A whopping 20 million people tried podcasts for the first time1. This shows how much podcasts are becoming loved. The market research world quickly jumped on this, making many podcasts. These focus on trends, understanding why people buy, and giving useful advice to pros.

This article dives into the best 10 podcasts made by market research experts. They talk about important stuff like podcast analytics and podcast audience insights. They also look at how people’s podcast habits are changing, called podcast consumer trends, and market segmentation. Plus, they do cool stuff like podcast content analysis and competitive intelligence in the podcast world. All these talks give you lots of info and ideas to keep up in marketing research.

Key Takeaways

  • The podcast world is growing fast, with more and more fans joining every year.
  • Market researchers are using podcasts a lot to share their insights, trends, and top tricks.
  • This article picks out the 10 best podcasts for market researchers. They cover everything from how people act to the latest methods in research.
  • These shows are really helpful, with smart talks, useful interviews, and deep looks at the market research scene.
  • Listening to these podcasts helps researchers stay in the loop, get different points of view, and come up with smart plans for success.

The Rise of Podcasts in Market Research

Market research podcast trends

The market research field is seeing a big rise in podcasts’ popularity. These podcasts share valuable insights with a large group of people. According to the Infinite Dial report, 20 million listeners heard their first podcast in 2019. And 14 million more called themselves weekly listeners1. This growth sparked a boom in podcasting, especially in the market research sector.

Podcasting Trends and Growth

Podcasts are getting more and more popular, capturing millions of new ears each year. Even though the pace of growth has slowed, there was still a 16% increase in listeners in 2022 and 21% in 20212. This shows people still love listening while they’re on the move.

Business Podcasting Boom

This podcast popularity surge has businesses jumping onboard, including those in market research. They use podcasts to share their insight and knowledge. In the last quarter of 2023, 16 of the top 30 podcasts were also in video form. This is a big jump from 7 two years earlier2. More video podcasts mean there’s a growing desire for visual content. It’s a sign of podcasts’ versatility across different forms.

Importance of Podcasts in Market Research

The world of market research is finding real value in podcasts. They’re a great way to exchange ideas, methods, and consumer insights. In 2015, finding five podcasts regularly discussing market research was hard. But now, there are many1. These podcasts offer deep insights, expert chats, and tackle industry issues and chances.

By using podcasts, market researchers keep up-to-date on new trends and methods. This helps them make smart choices and develop strategies based on data. These strategies aim to drive their organizations towards growth and success.

Best Podcasts for Market Research Insights

best market research podcasts

Podcasts are a fantastic way for market researchers to learn. They offer deep insights into industry knowledge and consumer behavior. We’ve sorted through the top market research podcasts to bring you the best. These shows provide expert perspectives and insights.

Happy Market Research Podcast

Hosted by Jamin Brazil, this podcast is full of informative episodes. It features interviews with client-side researchers, industry experts, and upcoming professionals. With more than 100 episodes, it goes deep into the research field.13

Conversations for Research Rockstars

Kathryn Korostoff’s podcast is educational and covers research methods and career trends. It includes over 60 episodes, offering lots of valuable insights.1


Zontziry Johnson hosts the MRXplorer Podcast. They talk about research methodologies, trends, and lessons in a personal way. The episodes are usually 15-30 minutes, great for quick learning.1

Stories of Market Research: The Insightrix Podcast

The Insightrix Podcast brings you inside and outside the research industry. It discusses storytelling, customer experience, and digital marketing. In its first year, it had 10 episodes that covered a lot of consumer behavior topics.1

These podcasts are a gold mine of insights, trends, and strategies for market researchers. They help you keep up in today’s fast-changing environment.

Podcasts Covering Consumer Trends and Industry Analysis

Consumer trends and industry analysis podcasts

Podcasts are now a key way to learn about market research trend analysis. They use sound to dive into consumer insights and marketing trends. You listen and learn from interesting talks and detailed looks.

The Speed of Culture Podcast

Hosted by Matt Britton, The Speed of Culture Podcast looks at consumer trend podcasts. It covers many fields. Leaders talk about what’s new, showing how consumer choices are always changing.1

Engagious Podcast

The Engagious Podcast, run by David Paull, has guests from different areas like politics and marketing. They tell stories and give fresh views on industry analysis. Conversations leave you with insights on how consumers act and what’s new in the market.1

Future Proof

Future Proof works with Kantar and Oxford’s Saïd Business School. It’s all about serious topics but shares it in an easy way. This podcast is a great industry analysis podcasts that talks about consumer habits and market research deeply.14

We think podcasts can make market research pros better at their jobs. By learning in new ways, they’ll bring more to their clients.

Podcasts for Market Research Automation and Technology

In the constantly changing world of market research automation and research technology, podcasts are gold for those in the know. They offer deep talks and fresh views.5 These shows cover all kinds of interests in market research. They also help keep everyone in the loop about new tech, market trends, and smart decision-making.

Data Gurus

Data Gurus is led by Simsa Vasa. It looks at AI in market research, machine learning market research, Big Data, blockchain, and advertising analytics.1 Episodes are 20 to 40 minutes long. They dive deep into where data analysis for business is headed.

Real People with Jason Dustone

Jason Dustone hosts the Real People podcast. He talks with experts and everyday folks. They dive into market research-related topics like ads, business growth, culture, and health.1 These talks offer many views on using data for smarter strategies and understanding consumers.

Audible Insights

Paul Kirch hosts Audible Insights monthly. It’s all about what makes a strong research team or agency, like keeping data safe and good leadership.16 Episodes run for about 25 minutes. They share tips for boosting your research work and staying on top of trends.

As more in market research turn to tech and automation, these podcasts are a must-listen. They let experts share their tips and insights.5 By tuning in, pros can stay up-to-date on the best ways to do research in our rapidly changing world.

The Value of Archived Podcasts

In today’s changing market research world, archived market research podcasts are a goldmine. They hold insights and historical industry insights that are still valuable. Even though some podcasts aren’t making new episodes, their old shows are full of timeless wisdom.

Listening to past podcast episodes leads to finding diverse views, lessons, and trends that shaped the field. Exploring these legacy podcast content, we see the journey of market research. It helps us understand the challenges and innovations that led to today’s methods.

Listening to old podcasts lets us learn from industry leaders and experts. We hear about their successes, failures, and the ideas that started now common practices. Their stories give a background for our current strategies, guiding us to smart moves and away from mistakes.

Also, going back to archived market research podcasts can bring new ideas. We connect what we learn from the past to current trends. Topics like understanding consumer behavior and new research methods give us a big pool of knowledge to use in our work.

  • Back in 2019, 20 million people first tuned into a podcast, showing a big interest in this form of content1.
  • The Happy Market Research Podcast and Conversations for Research Rockstars are some popular shows. They have over 100 and 60 episodes respectively, offering loads of legacy podcast content1.

So, by making the most of podcast archives, we get to know our field’s history better. This insight helps us make smarter choices in our market research work today and tomorrow7.

Exploring Diverse Podcast Content

In the changing world of market research, diverse podcasts are becoming popular. They bring fresh unique podcast perspectives and varied industry viewpoints to the table. By focusing on niche market research topics, they open our eyes to different consumer behaviors and market trends.


EMI Research’s Intellicast gives a vendor’s view of the research sector. It covers different diverse market research podcasts and varied industry viewpoints. Listeners get the latest trends and insights from professionals in engaging interviews. These episodes offer interdisciplinary insights that break the usual mold.

Behind the Data

Host Peter Kosmal, from Euromonitor International, talks with market research pros in Behind the Data. They dig into unique niche market research topics. Exploring everything from strange studies to future trends, this show provides unique podcast perspectives. It encourages new ways of thinking in market research.

The podcast field has boomed, attracting 20 million new listeners in 2019, with 14 million more tuning in every week.1

Behavioral Economics in Marketing’s Podcast

The Behavioral Economics in Marketing’s Podcast looks at how decisions and psychology shape buying habits. It merges economics, psychology, and consumer behavior for interdisciplinary insights. These insights help us make smarter marketing choices based on consumer data.

The interest in diverse market research podcasts is increasing. They add to our knowledge of consumer trends and research methods. By listening to their unique podcast perspectives, we can stay ahead in market research.

Integrating Podcast Insights into Market Research Strategies

In our fast-changing digital world, podcast data integration is key for market researchers. It helps them craft complete market research strategies.8 Podcasts are now a big part of how we consume media. They draw in varied audiences, giving us deep insights into what people like and feel.8

Listening to podcasts in our field keeps us sharp. We learn the latest trends and top methods, ready to use podcast-driven insights for smart data-driven decision making.1 Shows like The Happy Market Research Podcast, with 100+ episodes, and Conversations for Research Rockstars, offering 60+ episodes, are full of wisdom from experts.1

Podcasts are gold for market research. They clue us in on what consumers like, their needs, and hot issues in different markets and groups.8

Pairing podcast-based market intelligence with things like surveys and data crunching gives us a full view of the markets we’re eyeing. This lets us make choices that spur growth and win.1 Shows like The MRXplorer Podcast and Stories of Market Research: The Insightrix Podcast offer key insights. Their episodes are usually 10-30 minutes long.1

  1. Actively listen to industry podcasts to stay informed about the latest trends and best practices.
  2. Leverage podcast-driven insights to inform data-driven decision-making and develop effective market research strategies.
  3. Combine podcast-based market intelligence with other research methods for a comprehensive understanding of target markets.

Maximizing the Impact of Podcasts on Market Research

The podcast industry is booming, and market researchers can use this to their advantage. By integrating podcasts with research, they get access to tons of data and various viewpoints. This helps in understanding the market and consumer behavior very well.

Combining Podcast Data with Other Research Methods

To make the most of podcasts in market research, let’s mix podcast data with more traditional methods. Things like surveys and focus groups. This gives us a clearer view of our audience and uncovers deep insights and new trends.

For example, what we learn from industry podcasts can shape the questions we ask in surveys. So, we get the right data. Podcasts can also highlight what matters to consumers. This is great info to start focus group talks with.910

Leveraging Podcasts for Competitive Intelligence

Podcasts are also key in understanding our competition and the market. By listening to industry podcasts, we can spot what our rivals are up to. Then, we can find market gaps, predict what consumers want, and come up with new ideas that put us ahead.

Also, industry podcasts often have experts sharing their views. Analyzing this can keep us up to date and guide our important choices. That way, we keep leading with smart, data-focused moves.

Utilizing Podcasts for Content Marketing

Podcasts are not just for research. They’re good for content marketing, too. They help in showing our expertise, making our brand known, and connecting with our audience. Crafting podcasts that talk about what our audience cares about can make us a top choice in market research.9

Plus, through podcasts, we can share findings, insights, and stories. This builds a community around our brand. It makes people more loyal, which can boost our brand’s image and competitive edge.10


Podcasts are now key in market research. They give insights, trends, and strategies for a competitive edge. Exploring top podcasts keeps us informed and offers diverse viewpoints. This is essential for success in understanding trends or new technologies.3

Podcasts have become a big hit, with millions tuning in while on the move. This connects companies closely with their audience. Using podcast insights alongside other methods is smart. It helps in competitive research, marketing, and analyzing the market overall.11

By embracing podcasts, we can lead the way and make smart choices in the research area. Podcasts provide rich information, from expert talks to tech discussions. This information is vital for boosting our plans and achieving success.

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