Creating a Successful Podcast for Career Switchers

Creating a Successful Podcast for Career Switchers

Switching careers is a big step that comes with feelings of uncertainty. This is especially true for anyone who has dedicated several years to their current career path. It is important that workers have the resources they need to make an informed decision about when it’s time to start a new career journey. 

Many people turn to podcasts for advice and insight on how to take the next big career step. According to Statista, the number of regular podcast listeners is expected to grow to over 100 million by 2024. As a career coach or counselor, you can create these podcasts and guide your targeted audience, so how do you create a successful podcast to switch careers?

Podcasts for Career Changers 

Since 2004, podcasts have gained popularity on the Internet among individuals and businesses trying to build a brand and reach specific customers. A large portion of the population in the US is interested in learning what it takes to switch careers. According to a survey by edX, nearly one third of Americans have completely switched fields from the time they were first employed.

If your goal is to find a new career path and stick to it, you might want to start listening to podcasts that are related to a career change. On the other hand, if you want to help others find lifelong careers, you can create your own podcast series on this topic.


Podcast Ideas for Career Coaches and Counselors 

There are a few strategies you can use as a career coach or counselor who wants to reach people using podcasts. If you are technologically savvy and have strong marketing skills, you can set up a studio and produce your own podcast. Alternatively, you could rent space and recording equipment in a studio. 

The second option would be to appear on an existing career podcast and address a targeted audience with your services. If you are knowledgeable and entertaining, appearing as a guest on a popular podcast can be a great way to increase your own podcast audience


Choosing Podcast Topics for Career Switchers 

After you choose to start a podcast aimed at career switches, you will need to start brainstorming topics and themes that are inspiring and will help people reach their full potential. Below are some podcast ideas for career switchers. 

1 Create a Podcast for Coaching Advice 

The first and obvious option is creating a podcast for general career advice. You can make a variety of episodes that cover tips about skill-based, knowledge-based, and freelance career paths. You can also talk about entrepreneurship to help people find a solid footing. 

2 Involve Personal Stories

To make your podcasts more relatable, you can add a segment to interview people who have made major career changes and encourage them to share their experiences. Your listeners may just find the inspiration they need from listening to the success or failure stories of others. 

3 Make a Tech Career Podcast 

The tech sector has a reputation for providing well-paid jobs with a strong job outlook. Many listeners would be eager to hear what it takes to launch a career in tech. You could explore in-demand skills and alternative educational pathways to help people get started. 

For example, a bachelor’s degree is no longer always a requirement for well-paying tech jobs. You can attend short, skill-focused coding bootcamps like General Assembly, App Academy, or Thinkful, and be ready to work in the tech industry in a few months to a year. You can create a podcast that specifically targets career changers who want to explore tech jobs. 

4 Create a Podcast About Work-Life Balance 

Many career changers get overwhelmed with their jobs because they can’t find a balance between work and everything else in their life. You can make a podcast series dedicated to helping workers find a balance in their existing jobs or find a new career path that allows them to find a balance. It should also have a segment that motivates people to pursue their dreams, set realistic goals, and earn from their passion. 


A podcast has to be an ongoing project if you want to reach a targeted audience and increase your listeners. It may be difficult to build a following at first. Reaching out to other shows so you can appear as a podcast guest can be a good way to get started. With hard work and dedication, soon you can inspire people around the world with your career changer podcast.

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