Steve Olsher

How much exposure can you handle?

Congratulations on joining Steve Olsher‘s Audio Domination training or the 1 Million Downloads Mastermind! 

Make sure you sign up now for 44 days free access, 200 credits, and a locked-in offer price of just….

$ 49
per month
  • Access to over 1.5 million podcasts
  • Contact information of hosts
  • PodcastScore for each show
  • Websites of the shows
  • Over 600k social media accounts
  • 100 credits each month

How Our Program Works

Finding and pitching the perfect shows for you


This is the part where we are supposed to wow you with all the cool features that we have at Podcast Hawk.  But honestly, that is not how it works.

We do one thing, and we do it better than anybody else.

Podcast Hawk allows you to use our simple interface to filter for exactly the podcasts you want to pitch and get them in seconds.  This can save you hours if not days of time when trying to do it manually yourself.

It’s that simple. 

In our beta version we then give you the ability to download the podcasts you want with their emails, website and social media accounts so you can use that information to pitch them and get booked on shows.

But that is not all.  We are working on a system so that we can send those pitch emails for you.  As a beta user, you will get access to that as soon as it is ready at no extra cost! 

What can I search by?


Search filters are different parameters you can use to fine tune the podcast results you get in Podcast Hawk. Some examples are:

  • Filtering podcast show titles by keywords.
  • Filtering podcast descriptions by keywords to find a niche.
  • Source podcasts in a specific language.
  • Finding podcasts by total reviews to find those highly rated shows.
  • Finding podcast by average review score to determine shows that listeners love.
  • Check for podcasts in certain categories to narrow down a sector that is specific to you.

These are just some examples, the use cases are endless.

By using the search capabilities of PodcastHawk you can find the shows that are active, have listener intent, and will be the ones you should appear on… start your outreach now.

How many shows can I download?


Our beta users currently get 100 credits a month for $49.  That means you can download 100 shows worth of information each month.  Don’t worry if you don’t use your credits this month, they all carry over to the next month and never expire as long as your account stays active.

Are you wondering how many shows you can get booked on with 100 pitches?

While we can’t guarantee bookings (after all, if your life story is that you live in your parent’s basement playing games you probably won’t get many replies) we have seen from our beta users that on average our users are getting an 18% booking rate.  

By pitching yourself to 100 shows each month and getting to be a guest on 18, means that over a year your brand could reach listeners on 216 shows, which could be anywhere from 216K listeners to millions hearing you.

What is the currency of the prices?


All charges are in US dollars and are processed through our secure provider STRIPE.