Our Story in a Nutshell


It was a dark and stormy night… ok, not really.  It was actually a sunny day in March 2019.  You know that there is no better way to promote your business than to explain its products or services on a podcast that directly addresses its customer base.

Our founder, Ray, had just spent several frustrating hours on Google searching for podcasts to help promote one of his businesses, a time-consuming search that had produced a paltry seventeen suitable shows. 

Having found no good podcast booking tools on the web, Ray created one: Podcast Hawk.


The Rockstar Team

Ray Blakney

Ray loves books, technology, travelling and speaking on podcasts.

Stewart Townsend
Stewart Townsend

Stewart loves bright shirts, cars he cannot afford and loves data.

Maciej Cupial

Technology guru, traveller and a passion for building great apps.

Save Time

I Want to Know More About Saving Time

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