The ten benefits Of being a Podcast Guest

The ten benefits Of being a Podcast Guest

Benefits of Being a Podcast Guest Description
Access to Engaged Audience Being a podcast guest gives you access to a highly engaged audience, allowing you to reach thousands of targeted listeners and gain exposure.
Podcasting is Easier than Blogging Compared to guest blogging, podcasting is easier and less time-consuming, allowing you to get noticed and leverage the host’s platform.
Build a Network of Connections By appearing as a podcast guest, you can develop real connections and friendships with hosts and other industry professionals, leading to future collaborations.
High Production Value Established podcasters invest time and effort into high-quality production, providing you with professionally edited episodes and associated branding.
Cross Posting Across Multiple Networks Podcast episodes can be distributed through various channels, including audio, web pages, and videos, increasing the potential for shares, backlinks, and traffic.
Output of Long-Form Transcripts Some podcast hosts provide full interview transcripts, which you can use as unique content for your own website, enhancing your online presence.
Dwell Time Podcasts, when embedded on websites, can increase dwell time as listeners tend to engage with the content for longer periods, potentially impacting search rankings.
New Promotional Badge Each podcast appearance gives you a new promotional badge that you can display on your website or social media, showcasing your expertise and credibility.
Online Reviews You can request online reviews from podcast hosts and listeners, further increasing your visibility and reputation.
Direct Sales from the Show While you cannot directly sell during the podcast, sharing your story and educating others can lead to direct sales and conversions.

If you want to succeed in the world of business, then you have to make sure that you are building a solid audience. You also need to make sure that you are striving for niche authority, and that you are trying to become an influencer. Being a podcast guest can help you to do all of this and more, so it doesn’t hurt to explore the idea of it for yourself today, here are ten benefits of being a podcast guest.

Here are the ten benefits of being a podcast guest.

  • Access to engaged audience
  • Podcasting is easier than blogging
  • Build a network of connections
  • Content is of high production
  • Cross posting across multiple networks
  • Output of long form transcripts
  • Dwell time
  • New promotional badge
  • Online reviews
  • Direct sales from the show.

Why should I Be a Podcast Guest?

There are many benefits to being a podcast guest, including easier guest blogging, access to a bigger audience, and of course, more publicity.

Do Podcast Guests get Paid?

Sometimes guests get paid, it depends on the person who is hosting the podcast. Sometimes payment is in the form of publicity.

Does Every Podcast need a Guest?

Not every podcast needs a guest, but podcasters are often on the hunt for new guests to keep their show interesting.

Top Ten Benefits of Being a Podcast Guest

Some of the benefits that come with being a podcast guest can be found below.

  1. Access to An Engaged Audience

When you are a podcast guest, you will get access to an audience that is highly engaged. You can access thousands of targeted listeners just by taking part in a show, and this is really a big enough reason for you to take the plunge for yourself today.

  1. It’s Easier than Blogging

It is a known fact that guest blogging is harder than podcasting. Sure, guest blogging is one of the top forms of marketing, but it can be a bit of a grind. It can take a lot of time to create great educational content. Sure, there are a lot of outreach services out there that you can reach out to, but they can be expensive over time. The best thing about podcasting is that it can help you to get noticed, and you can even get published on the host’s blog too. This gives you valuable content as well as link building opportunities, so you can expect a lot of positive traffic from this.

  1. Real Connections

One of the big surprises that people tend to experience when they go into podcasting for the first time is that they end up developing a real friendship with other people. The guest and the host will have each other’s attention for a very long time, and this is ideal if you want to create a bond as it can turn into further collaborations in the future.  Some podcast hosts will like you so much that they will introduce you to other hosts who work within the industry, which is a huge benefit to say the least.

  1. High Production Value

A lot of established podcasters will invest a ton of time and effort into their production. They try and get their video edited professionally and they also focus a lot on the sound and editing process too. They work to try and create custom graphics, they write a show notes page so that guests can read about information and they also develop a list of key takeaways. Contact links are included, and this means that you can be associated with all of this. You don’t have to put a lot of work in yourself at all and this is fantastic to say the least.

  1. Cross-Amplification

When you notice that a podcast goes live, you will have the feeling of a mini-launch. You will be able to be part of a sharable piece of content and the hosts are usually happy to have some interesting guests. On top of this, the guests will be more than excited to get interviewed. The general nature of the podcast means that everything is distributed in the best possible way. They are sent out by audio, web pages and sometimes video. This makes them far more sharable when compared to standard blog posts. As a result, they end up getting way more shares, tweets, backlinks and even traffic too.

  1. Long-Form Posts

Some podcast hosts will give you a full interview transcript but a lot of them don’t. if they do not plan on publishing the transcript, then you can usually ask them if you can do the transcription instead. Most of the time a podcast host would be more than happy for you to do this. If you do, then you can use the content on your own site. This is a great way for you to get some unique content on your site and there isn’t much effort required either.

  1. Dwell Time

Dwell time has been a really hot topic for quite some time. Google doesn’t acknowledge a website’s dwell time as being a full ranking factor, but a lot of experts out there do have reason to believe that there is in fact a relationship between a ranking and the amount of time that a user spends on the page. When podcasts are fully embedded on a site, they are unique because people are likely to listen to them for long periods of time. Two-minute-long videos seem long because they take up all of your senses. A podcast that is around 20 minutes however seems to fly by because you have other things that you can be cracking on with.

  1. New Bragging Rights

New badges and bragging rights are also a major benefit of being on a podcast. As you begin to get interviewed more, you may find that your reach ends up increasing and that everyone that you do ends up being better than the last.

  1. Online Reviews

Send a request for review feedback and you’ll soon find that you can get even more publicity. Not enough guests do this, so it is vital that you try and explore this benefit whenever you take part in a podcast.

  1. Sales

It is very easy for you to get a ton of leads if you are a guest on a podcast. You cannot sell them during the interview though. Your job, if you go on a podcast as an expert, is for you to share your story while trying to educate others.  If you can do this, then you will surely come out on top.

So, there are many benefits to being a podcast guest, and if you start podcasting today, then you may find that you are able to take advantage of them all in no time at all.


What is guest podcasting?

Guest podcasting is when individuals are invited to be guests on podcasts to share their expertise, insights, or stories with the host and audience. It provides an opportunity to reach a new audience, showcase knowledge, and establish authority in a particular niche or industry. 

How can guest podcasting benefit me?

Guest podcasting can benefit you in various ways. It allows you to expand your reach and audience, establish yourself as an authority, build valuable connections and relationships, increase brand visibility, and generate leads for your business or personal brand. 

How can I find opportunities for guest podcasting?

To find opportunities for guest podcasting, you can research podcasts in your niche, network with podcast hosts and industry professionals, join podcasting communities and platforms, reach out to hosts directly, and leverage social media and online directories that connect guests with hosts. 

How can I prepare for a guest podcast appearance?

To prepare for a guest podcast appearance, you can research the podcast and its audience, familiarize yourself with the host’s style and format, brainstorm key talking points or stories, practice speaking confidently, and ensure you have a good audio setup and a quiet recording environment. 

How can I make the most of my guest podcast appearance?

To make the most of your guest podcast appearance, focus on providing valuable insights and engaging with the host and audience. Be authentic, share unique stories or experiences, promote your expertise subtly, and follow up after the episode to continue building relationships with the host and audience.

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